There Is Love

This is my love letter to my friend Margaret.

#MILF (not me personally, but you get it)

I was all set in writing down a bitter sounding blog post. Mostly about how my life is pain blah blah blah. And then a blog post, with a header that says Big News!! comes up on my screen, from my blog mom’s blog and I knew that this post is going to be different.

Margaret is a light. I don’t know her in person but you get the feeling (from her posts and comments) that she is a girl down to listen to anything. Having a bad day at work? She’ll pour you a glass of wine as you rant on. Boyfriend/Girlfriend not treating you right? She’ll hate him/her out of principle. Bike messenger ran over your new flats without apologizing? She’ll loudly call him a “jerk!” even if she’s in the middle of a very serious conversation over the phone. Maybe I’m exaggerating. But to me, that’s Margaret.

It’s weird sometimes how you feel so (brace yourself for this melodramatic BS) connected with someone that you haven’t even had a real conversation with. How you feel so attached to a person you’ve never met before. How one can make you feel better just by the osmosis of their (I’m sorry for using this) good vibes. But thank you Margaret for sharing your miracle to the world, because now, I feel so much better. The world is not as crappy as it seemed a few minutes ago.

Today is Valentines Day. And I will be spending it alone. Again. But by just being here (in WordPress) and seeing all of your posts about your loved one makes me feel better. Or jealous. I can’t really decide. But there is love. And that’s the point I’m trying to make.

Congratulations Margaret. Dare I say I’m a big sister now?

P.S. I can start calling you MILF now right??


  1. You nutter, you made me cry at work!!! Oh my god. I should disclaim that I am sometimes an awful person but you make me feel like a saint. Thank you, Dora. Your friendship (and blog daughtership) means to much to me. You jerk.

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    1. Haha! Mission accomplished! I messaged Cee about the good news (we message in Whatsapp if you’re wondering) as I know she won’t see your/our posts in a while since she’s busy with her *drum roll* new job! (Oops I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that here) but yeah good news all around. Maybe next thing that will happen is I’ll meet a guy or THE guy. You never know.

      You are the best!

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      1. Awwww!!! No you are the best! I don’t know what this whatsapp is. You younguns!! That’s great news about her new job. Well, take heart, you are 27, right? I was just end of 27 when I met my honey. It happens.


    1. Happy Valentines Day! I don’t have date but all the wonderfulness in the world is making me happy.

      Hey, if you ever need to fly in a nanny who can also be your shop helper or your husband’s assistant (I don’t know what he does but in my head he’s a philanthropist and loves to take care of animals) who is bilingual and can be there in a moments notice, I’m your girl!

      Happy Valentines!

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      1. Registrar at a grad school needs assistants right?! I would also like to add that I clean when I’m stressed and I cook when I want to relax. Pretty sweet deal right here. I know other obscure dialects that will be pretty useless in San Francisco. So yes, *only* bilingual. 😦

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