Who Is Dora?


“This girl is a revelation!!” “A thing of beauty!”

Are just a few things NOT said about Dora. What she does is blog (more like complain) about her life, pop culture, people and her worrying obsession of everything internet.

She is known to make jabs at her single hood, social anxiety and her ineptitude in being a girl.

Her talents include sarcasm, staying at home and awkwardly smiling in the face of danger.

Her motto is, “This might as well happen” and she likes bacon, vodka and men. In that order.

She wants you to follow her blog to help validate her existence and in return she guarantees absolutely nothing.




One comment

  1. Hello Dora. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. I have given you eleven questions to answer.

    Q1: Do you like tea?

    Q2: What are you having for dinner tonight?

    Q3: If you could have any super-power, what would it be?

    Q4: Do you?

    Q5: Why?

    Q6: How strong are you?

    Q7: What colour eyes do you have?

    Q8: How are you today?

    Q9: Snog, marry, ignore?

    Q10: What pet would you like to own?

    Q11: What is the happiest you have ever been?

    You can copy the images in my post for the rules and the award image.

    Take care,


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