Hire Me!

I’ve been neglecting this blog lately but for good reasons. I’ve been feeling rotten and I don’t want to download all of my angst in a post and ruin a reader or worst a potential follower’s day. It’s bad enough that I feel bad about my life, why should I waste 5-10 minutes reliving that in a post and bitter another person’s day. There is of course a lot of good in channeling all of your hatred in a post, but it’s 2015, I’m trying to take some positive spins in my life. Trying OK?! I’m trying.

I was given this job opportunity. And while other people would rejoice in that fact, I don’t. Having this seemingly good job thing is leaving me doubting everything. Saying no to it would mean possible regret and maybe stupidity and saying yes to it means committing to something I don’t really like. Again! For another 2-3 years!

I know all about the economy and how thousands of people are struggling to find a decent job and here I am turning down a really good one. I know all about that life okay?! So before any of you preach, I’d just like to say a few things.

I’m single and other than me, I don’t have anyone else to feed or clothe or worry over. This is the perfect time for me to chase dreams and try things. It sounds ideal when I type it like that but I haven’t done remotely anything towards the fulfillment of my dreams, which is worrying.

I’ve never been driven to take a job because of a high salary. Not that I’ve been offered one. But the idea of latching on to a job because I can buy a house in 5 years, although sweet, won’t be enough for me. I don’t know what it is that I am chasing. I don’t know if I’m going to be happy once I get there but I would be happy to try and find out.

So please, hire me. Anything that would get me out of here. That would be the perfect start of chasing my dreams actually. To just get out of here. Take me to Canada or Europe! Let me do volunteer work in Africa! I’ll clean toilets in America! I can manage a factory in China. You get the idea right? If you know anything, let me know. Let’s work together. I’ll make it worth your while. Ok, retracting the last bit because it sounds sexual and I’d get slammed by a harassment lawsuit even before we begin.



  1. Hey you, write your sad posts! I think that’s the best thing about wordpress. If you are having an awful day you can vent it to strangers and they’ll give you some sympathy. So that should be your 2015 resolution, not the be more positive but to express your feelings. Especially since you are not an overly negative person. Feel your feelings!!!

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  2. I hire you …..to come here and hire me. That makes sense, right?

    I am not thinking too far ahead right now, all I know is I want to save up enough to make our Asian Road Trip (Codename: Asian all-you-can-eat Food Trip) happen. I need to be in Japan.

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