A Break From The Chick Flicks


While I may have been immersing myself in romantic comedies of the late, primarily because I have set up a blog dedicated to the genre, I watched 2 foreign films yesterday that is so far from Chick Flicks, it may as well exist in it’s on universe.

I will say, no one does weird than us Asians. We have weird food, weird customs, weird beliefs… Or is it just weird because other people (non-Asians) think it’s weird. I guess something is weird when it doesn’t play well with out narrative. But I digress.

Oldboy (the original and not the Josh Brolin remake) is a Korean mystery thriller. If I would have to describe the film, without revealing too much about it, I would say that “it’s driven by revenge”. It’s really not THAT weird. I guess it’s so fucked up that you wonder, what kind of person and what happened to him to think of such a story. It’s one of the most recommended films in movie lists, foreign or not. And now I know why. It’s so easy to turn away to some of the scenes or just completely walk away from the movie but I beg you, if you do watch it, stay with it until the end. Much recommended.

Why Don’t You Play in Hell however is a different cup of tea. Who am I kidding? It’s a different cup of pure poison! If the title does not interest you enough – which probably means you’re allergic to cool – Jun Kunimura, Boss Tanaka, the Yakuza boss that O-ren Ishii beheaded to “prove a point” in the (arguably) greatest Quentin Tarantino film, Kill Bill Vol.1 – is in it as a… Yakuza boss. In a true Tarantino fashion it’s full of shooting guns aimlessly, blood baths and old school Samurai fighting. What makes it weird is the actual fun the characters are having in making a film about them killing each other and eventually dying. Plus there is a song in this movie that the characters keep singing over and over in any given opportunity that will make you want to memorize all the words and then proceed to stab yourself for even thinking about memorizing all of the words.

So that’s my dose of weird filled this week. What weird have you recently injected your system with? Let me know!


Here Is My Week In YouTube Videos

You know what I’ve noticed? That my mom is ageing very nicely. My mom is like any Asian mom. She’s strict, stingy and she’s very very uptight. OK, maybe not all Asian moms are like that. But all the Asian mom’s I know are like that. I’m getting off topic here. So back to my hot mom. Now that my mom is not busy running a household and she’s not worried about tuition fees and school projects, she’s finally letting loose and actually enjoying life. So it’s funny that BuzzFeed came up with this first video.


If I showed these dudes pictures of my mom, then and now, they’d be saying DAMN!?! I would post a picture of said hot mom but I don’t want no internet pervs creeping on my mother.


Here’s a fun fact, I used to hate Nutella. When I was growing up, Nutella was this unheard of chocolate spread and we were the only household that has Nutella because my parents would send some from abroad. I hated it. I didn’t know what to do with it. If I put it on bread it makes the bread too sweet and it would give me headaches. But now, I love it. Nutella on toast? DAMN!?! But this Nutella cookie recipe is too much for me.


In our household you have to learn how to hide your food. People will just straight up grab and go and pretend like nothing happened. When I used to live alone I would hide food from myself because that was my way of portion control. Plus, in the Philippines, everything comes in smaller packets. Buying bulk was a foreign concept to us, until S&R that is. I think S&R is our version of CostCo. Buying bulk still overwhelms and confuses me. I mean what do you need all those toilet paper for? Is this your last day on earth?


“Last night was a goodie!”

God damn right Jimmy. If you haven’t seen the 40th anniversary special of SNL well maybe you should. I think it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen even if there was not enough Fey in it. This monologue only made me wish I was a fly in the room. A fly in Beyonce’s drink. But Jay Z would probably swat me away.


And there’s this video. Watch it. Then dream about it. Enjoy!

Weird Wednesdays – Something Weird For Your Home


Gah! Weird Wednesdays is back!! I’ve been into home decor lately because I am seriously thinking of moving back to the Philippines and get myself a very grown up apartment. With a kitchen and everything. And since I am a fan of the weird and awesome (or anything cheap and home made really), I scoured the internet for some weird and cool stuff for your home.


Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

I love toast and I love Star Wars. Impractical, but c’mom! Who wouldn’t want a little Darth Vader in their breakfast?


R2-D2 Projection Alarm Clock

Speaking of impractical but super cool Star Wars stuff, how about you nerd up your mornings by being waken up by this adorable robot.



Bang Bang Egg Toaster


I was a pescetarian for a while for no concrete reason, and mostly ate eggs at that time. This machine uses steam to cook eggs. Genius.

m_img_34622 (1)


Toaster Teapot

This machine brings the two things I love together; tea and toast. So god damn adorable!



Three in One Breakfast Making Machine

Leave it to the Japs to make some ninja like breakfast machine. This baby can brew your coffee, bake your pie and fry your eggs all at the same time.



The Bookcase Bed

I love to read books and sleep. Why not combine both. Really good space saver.



Specific Sleeping Position Bed

More like torture bed! Perfect for married couples!



Hamburger Bed

Now this is more like it! I bet Cee would love the hell out of this bed.



Canape Wall Chair

This is, to me, the perfect sofa for reading. That arch can support my back and I can put my feet up in the arm rail. Right?

behind_the_wall-sofa (1)


Behind The Wall Sofa

Doubles up as a wall and a sofa. I don’t even know.

What other weird appliances/home stuff have you seen floating on the webs? Let me know! Is there anything in this list that you would get for yourself? That torture bed right?



Weird Wednesdays – Your Halloween Movie Marathon Playlist Finale

As October draws to a close so does our countdown of the weirdest, grossest, scariest Asian Horror movies that grace the planet. Or at least those that I find interesting. Here are the last 5 movies you can marathon after trick or treating.

16. Battle Royale (2000)

Origin: Japan


Adapted from a novel of the same name, Battle Royale is the original Hunger Games (sorry Suzanne Collins). On a field trip gone horribly wrong, a group of High School students were abducted, gassed and collared and was then instructed to kill their classmates on a 3 day competition known as The Battle Royale with no known price other than living. Anyone not willing to cooperate will then be blown up via explosive collars. Amazingly horrifying, as you watch kids off each other in the most brutal kind of way.

17. Feng Shui (2004)

Origin: Philippines


The movie that revived the horror genre in the Philippines. A cursed Bagua mirror centers the story, where it sentences you to death if you stare at it. People get killed, funnily enough, by their Chinese zodiac. One man born in the year of the rabbit gets hit by a speeding bus that has the name Rabbit Liner emblazoned on it. Another man dies in a cockfight arena and was later revealed to be born in the year of the rooster. And so on. The fun thing about this film is that you look out for any signs of the Chinese zodiac in every scene. Watch out for how that lady, that was born in the year of the horse, dies. So clever.

18. Pafekatu Buru aka Perfect Blue (1997)

Origin: Japan

untitled-331 me-mania

When I first watched Black Swan, I had a sudden recollection of this film. I can’t remember the title until I wised up and Googled it. I thought this film was just a fever dream. Don’t be fooled by the fact that this movie is an animated film. That only means more gore. A famous singer decides to leave her girl group in hopes to successfully transition into a dramatic actress. She then receives a fax. Yes, a fax, calling her a traitor. Despite warnings from her agent not to take the rape victim role in an upcoming film, Mima takes the part, confident that it will launch her acting career. Playing the role traumatized her to the point where she can’t distinguish the movie and reality anymore. I’m watching you Daniel Day Lewis!

19. The Healing (2012)

Origin: Philippines


For a Filipino, I don’t watch a lot of Tagalog movies. But when I do, I want it to be by Chito S. Roño. A desperate daughter brings her father, who suffered from a stroke, to a renowned faith healer. After the success of her father’s healing, many of her neighbors, with ailments of their own bullied her to bringing them to the faith healer. They were greeted differently by this faith healer who used to be accommodating during her father’s healing. Reluctantly, the healer performed the healing on them and they were soon cured. But soon all the people that were cured that day started to die one by one, according to the order of their healing. The aesthetic of this film astounded me. You know what, ama watch it again right now.

20. Tetsuo (1989)

Origin: Japan


What. The. Actual. Fak.

So that wraps up the Asian Halloween Movie playlist. Did you see any of the movies? Let me know in the comments!

Weird Wednesdays – Your Halloween Movie Marathon Playlist Part Tres

So week 3 of Halloween Movie Playlist. How many of the movies I included have you seen? None? Scared? I get it. But if you’re feeling braver you can check the previous posts (1, 2).

Someone asked me one time, have YOU seen all of these? And I looked at him like he was crazy, and said, “NO!” But knowing that there are weird movies like these tingles my brain. How fudged up are these people?

11. Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (2009)

Origin: Japan

11 blackface

I actually saw this one thinking that it will scare the pants off me. But this is some super weird, low budget gore film. It’s like a gory parody of Twilight. In your typical Japanese High School, an immortal vampire attends because, I don’t know! If you’re a vampire stuck in your teens for all eternity I really wouldn’t bother with High School. Haven’t they heard of home school? So anyway, vampire girl’s blood was used to re-animate a young girls corpse, hence the Frankenstein girl. But the weirdest part of all in this movie was there was a girl in black face. Why?! Please see this movie. It’s sooo bad, it’s awesome.

12. A Tale Of Two Sisters (2003)

Origin: South Korea


This gained mainstream popularity which is a true testament to how good Koreans are with their psycho-thrillers. It’s hard to describe this film without spoiling anything and this is one of those movies that you just have to watch without knowing anything. In terms of scary it’s going to get, if you managed to sit through Ju-on, then this one’s cake.

13. Sigaw (2004)

Origin: Philippines


Sigaw or scream in English was a box office hit in The Philippines. So big Hollywood actually made a remake. A Bachelor savors his independence in his new apartment. His rent is cheap, his girlfriend occasionally sees him, life is sweet. He then discovers that he shares the floor with a jealous psycho cop that beats up his wife quite often. He would wake up in the middle of the night by screams from next door. Thinking he should help, he soon discovered something that literally haunted him for the rest of his life.

14. Tokyo Gore Police (2008)

Origin: Japan


Sounds simple enough. The movie is set in Tokyo, there is gore and there are police involved. Sexy sexy police. In a future dystopic Japan, a mad scientist has created a virus that when infected will mutate the human into a ravaging monster creature. To rid the streets of these monsters, a task force known as Tokyo Gore Police is set out to deal with them. The Tokyo Gore Police does not hold back in the pain, because well, they are not dealing with humans anyway. And when I say gore, I really really mean gore.

15. To Sir, With Love aka Bloody Reunion (2006)

Origin: South Korea


South Korea does not make a lot of slasher horror films, but when they do, man, it’s really bloody. A group of childhood friends get together after a long time in their former teacher’s house. What greeted them was a bunny masked killer who may be the imprisoned deformed child of their old teacher. Man this is blooody, like super bloody.


(Oh!) Dear Dora – How Do Weirdo’s Date?


Dear Dora,

I’m a recent follower and what I love most about your blog is the Weird Wednesday’s segment. Someone sent me a link to one of your WW post and said that I’m not the only one. Which I take it means I’m not alone with my weird thoughts, I guess.
The thing is, I love being a weirdo and don’t get me wrong I think it’s fine and I embrace it whenever someone calls me weird or crazy or different. But I think it’s limiting the type of people, especially guys, that I meet and be friends with.
I’m at that age where I want to date more seriously and sometimes it’s harder being the way I am, dating wise. I don’t know if you feel the same. And if you are how do you go about that?
Sorry for the bother.

Another Weirdo.

Dear Another Weirdo,

First of all you are awesome! For a number of things. One you are admittedly a weirdo and you follow my blog. What do the kids say nowadays? The feels? Yeah, the feels!

I’m glad that you like Weird Wednesdays. It’s my favorite segment to write for too. In most days I just stare into space thinking of another way to (hopefully) blow people’s minds with a Weird Wednesdays post. I’m glad that you’re a fan.

I get what you mean by “limiting the type of people, especially guys, that I meet and be friends with”. I think what you mean is that your weirdness is limiting you to the number of people who can relate to you and who you can relate with. I have been exactly like this for most of my life, content to the idea that I am just an outsider. It was only in college did I make the conscious effort to actually make friends. But anyway, we have the internet now, we get to choose our own weirdos!

I think weirdo or not, dating is hard. It is. I think it’s just hard for everybody and it has nothing to do with your weirdness. I think it’s just the more we grow up the more different are our expectations get from our life and the people we surround ourselves with. The more that time is limited for us, what with work or school, or hobbies etc. we just can’t seem to find the time to either meet new people and if we do we want it to be worth our time. Which is very subjective in it’s entirety.



My dating history is very short. I dated two guys, both lasted for a really long time and both ended quite amicably. We didn’t share the same hobbies or we didn’t like Tolkien with the same burning passion. We were compatible in many other different ways and I had a meaningful relationship with them. The weirdness does get in the way sometimes, but only if you let it. The things you love, the things that you are passionate about, it will only be a hindrance if you let it. How important is it for you to share the common interests? That is something that you have to explore.

As for making friends, the internet is full of weirdos! Trust me, I have friends here in WordPress who would happily call you as their friend. And each and everyone have their specific weirdness.

Celebrate your weirdness!

Hope this helped!

❤ Dora

Weird Wednesdays – Your Halloween Movie Marathon Playlist Part Dos

It’s kind of stupid to call your blog post Weird Wednesdays when you keep posting stuff on a Thursday. But that is just the kind of out of the ordinary weirdness and redundancy that you will find in this blog.

Last week, I force fed you 5 Asian horror movies that you can watch while you think of the perfect Halloween costume. As promised, I am serving up 5 more to add to your playlist. Enjoy!

6. Suicide Club (2001)

Origin: Japan



Ever seen that campy movie of Rachael Leigh Cook called Josie and The Pussycats? No? So I guess you we’re not a 14-year-old girl in 2001?

Suicide Club bears the same premise which doesn’t mean it’s not as scary and weird as it should be. It is. It is very very weird. A famous band called Dessert puts subliminal messages in their music that apparently urges listeners to kill themselves. The movie starts off with a group of 14-year-old girls, singing (a Dessert song) hand-in-hand in a train platform and then jumps off together as the speeding train rushes by. You know what happens next.

7. Dumplings (2004)

Origin: Hong Kong


In a world where looks are deemed most important, an insecure middle aged lady and a former actress seeks to find a way to halt her aging. She goes to a well known local chef for help. This chef cooks her up some dumplings that when devoured will increase her sex drive and will give her a younger appearance. The middle aged lady believer her right away as this ‘chef’ is a 63-year-old lady that has the appearance of a 30-year-old. And she says, she owes it to her cannibalism. Oh yeah, the dumplings are stuffed with aborted fetuses.

8. Pridyider (2012)

Origin: Philippines


A young girl comes home from abroad to an empty house that she inherited from her parents. The whole place is empty except for an old school looking refrigerator. Evil comes out from the refrigerator. A perfect thing to own when you’re looking to seriously diet.

9. The Maid (2005)

Origin: Singapore


A newly employed maid arrives from the Philippines, arrives in Singapore on the first day of the Chinese Ghost Month (seventh month). While serving her employers she suddenly started having visions and nightmare. She discovered that the maid before her died. She saw her ashen remains in a jar in the house. Esther’s spirit called upon her and showed her the vision of how and why she was killed. She tries to escape the family only to find out that they are ghosts.

10. Coming Soon (2008)

Origin: Thailand


Shomba will creep you the F out! I hate this movie. Like hate, because it was really scary. Not scary scary. Just watch it. In the daylight.