Is Chick Flicks For Everyone?

Today, I jump start an idea. It was not my best, but still! I wanted to be more productive and I used to use this blog as a way for me to do that. But since I haven’t been exactly “living my life” I decided to make another blog. I know… I know… It seems counter productive to start another project when you’re harboring guilty feelings about not continuing on the previous one. But this is good WordPress!

I thought to myself, what are things I’m good at or just things that I like to do that I can write about? I thought about writing about cooking, which I’m getting very good at, if I do say so myself. But thinking of what to cook for dinner already takes the strength out of me. I thought about writing about the books I read, but who are we kidding. That one’s going to be a very slow blog. And then it came to me, maybe I should start writing about movies again. Again, because I used to have this movie blog that’s gone to the dogs (for good reason).

The problem with me writing about movies is I can’t decide on what movie to watch. And having to “review” a movie takes the fun out of seeing it. So, maybe stick a genre, one that doesn’t take itself too seriously? RomComs came to the rescue. I mean, I love rom-coms, and there are hundreds of them out there. Some, I admit, I’ve seen a lot of times (When Harry Met Sally and Miss Congeniality on the top of my head) and some I haven’t even seen (Moonstruck, Roxanne among others), which is a tragedy. Especially for someone like me who aspires to be a screenwriter and DREAMING of becoming the next Tina Fey – I know Tina didn’t write a rom-com (yet! it could happen!) but she wrote Mean Girls, which is a Chick Flick. And that train of thought has lead me to a blog I will call “Nothing But Chick Flicks” – a blog of movies made FOR women but not necessarily made BY women.

Only dilemma is to put it where? I mean, how many of you WordPress inhabitants would be interested in that kind of thing? Let me know.




Book Review – Attachments

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

OK. Rainbow Rowell is officially in my favorite authors list. Her stories are like the stories a friend of a friend tells you happened/is happening to them and you don’t believe and believe it at the same time because it’s so goddamn sweet, and you’re programmed to hate everything but is finding a soft spot for these kinds of stories. Long story short, Rainbow Rowell makes me feel, (ugh) human.


What It’s About – Set in 1999, where the idea of Y2K set chills to the spine of every company who owns computers. Lincoln, a multifaceted hunk of a guy, who plays D&D during the weekends (swoons), and is living with his single mother, reluctantly accepts a job in The Courier, a local newspaper. He works the night shift as the I.T. guy. His main job is to make sure everyone is using their emails strictly for work purposes and also abate the fear of Y2K.

Beth and Jennifer, who works in the same newspaper as writers, do not take the whole internet security thing as seriously as they should. They would constantly exchange emails, sharing explicit stories about Beth’s boyfriend and Jennifer’s husband. Lincoln should send them a warning, a memo, but he doesn’t. He is enjoying their witty exchange too much to ask them to stop.

Until one day, Beth talks about a cute guy he sees in the office. Lincoln who slowly starts to feel something for Beth, was jealous at first, but then realizes that he is the cute guy. Lincoln has an actual shot with this girl.

But how do you go from the creepy guy that reads your private emails to potential boyfriend?

What I Think About It – Well, it’s no secret. I love all of Rainbow Rowell’s books. And this is no exception. Actually, this may be my favorite of the three that I’ve read of hers. Maybe because it has an adult feel? Or maybe it’s Lincoln? Oh, a 100% about Lincoln! Also, how nice is the name Lincoln?

Let me tell you something about Lincoln. Meeting this fictional character in my current situation, is like a kiss-met. I don’t know what kiss-met means exactly, but it seems appropriate(?) You see Lincoln and I share so many things.

Degree holder with no sense of purpose – check

Felt betrayed by a former lover – check

Staying and maybe clinging to the comfort of parent’s home – check

Is in a job that he hates – check

But unlike Lincoln, he finds someone he can get attached to. I have none whatsoever. Don’t feel too bad for me internet. I’ll find my Beth Fremont (male version) soon.

The email exchange between Beth and Jennifer are funny and entertaining. No wonder Lincoln had a hard time flagging them. All likeable characters, even Jennifer’s husband Mitch, who is only talked about and does not have actual dialogue. Lincoln’s group of friends is also fascinating and you see this turmoil inside of him like he doesn’t want to socialize with these people but feels it’s the “normal” thing to do or the only option. It’s not that Lincoln’s friends are hateful, they’re all interesting, it’s just Lincoln is in a dilemma of who he wants to hang out with (check).

The only problem I have with this book, a teensy weensy problem, is that Beth and Lincoln did not have a lot of alone time. I expected them to meet a lot sooner and have several conflicts before they have their happily ever after. But I get it. I just wanted some more Beth and Lincoln kissing time. So sue me!

Over all, a feel good book that is guaranteed to make you feel all human and love and thrills and all that other good stuff.

Read This Book When – You need a pick me up. When you’re travelling and want to isolate yourself in a literary corner. When you have run out of rom-coms to watch/re-watch. When you want to fall in love with Rainbow Rowell.