Another Update

Hello WordPress friends! I was just freaking out about how fast 2016 is going by. How is it April already?? But anyway, I’ve finally written my first piece over on the Chick Flick blog and it seems like a good start. I started with an all time favorite sleeper hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Because, unexpectedly they released a sequel that apparently came out in march of this year. And another shocker is that Rita Wilson and her lesser know husband Tom Hanks produced the movies. Shocker!

So if you fancy a little bit of rom com today the post it’s here.

Since conceptualizing the blog I’ve researched on some overlooked romantic comedies. Not just rom coms. Just movies that you think are within the Chick Flick genre.

So let me know in the comments?


Thoughts on Miles Teller, Rom-Coms, Whiplash and Unpopular Opinions.

Here is maybe an unpopular opinion: I like romantic comedies. Not ironically. I really like watching them and hope to maybe write/direct/star in one someday (don’t underestimate the power of the internet). Can’t we just all agree that NOT all romantic comedies are crap and hour long cliches? The same way that I agree that not all of Lady Gaga‘s albums are a gold mine (coughs Artpop coughs). It pains me but it’s true.

This February, I’m trying to watch as much romantic comedies as I can. I have strayed from the really popular mainstream ones and dive in to the obscure. The more unheard of the better. It has proven to be a great experiment because I discovered a genre of indie movies I have not known before. Any of you guys heard of the genre Mumblecore? You may not have heard about it but if you’ve seen a Greta Gerwig or a Duplass Brother’s movie, then chances are you’ve seen Mumblecore and it is terrific.

Not from Mumblecore but I watched Two Night Stand yesterday. It’s a story of a hot girl being dumped by her High School sweetheart and sought easy sex from the Internet to get her “life back together”. I don’t want to spoil the movie too much for any of you would be watchers, but she finds true love in the end. But you know what, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would coming in.

I judged the movie too early which in general I try to avoid but this movie had a lot going against it so I really can’t help myself.

First. It’s got Miles Teller starring as the leading man.

Second. That was it. Miles Teller was starring in this movie. That was what’s holding me back to see this.

Maybe another unpopular opinion, but I’m not the biggest Miles Teller fan. I don’t know why but I just find him incredibly annoying, which I think is part of the whole Miles Teller experience…?


I watched the first 20 minutes of Whiplash last night. I had to stop because my battery was low and I was too lazy/too comfortable in bed to get up and get my power cord. And I think one of the reasons why I dislike Miles Teller is because he is the most unlikely person (within my age group) to ever be a leading man of any film. Yet he’s done it so many times. And I HATE THAT. The old spite and jealousy mix.

There is this preconceived notion that to be a successful actor you have to have good looks – or incredibly disfigured. I’m not the prettiest girl in a room with 2 girls in it but I’m still allowed an opinion on looks and Miles Teller is not really the sort you’d think to be a leading man. He’s not exceptionally talented either. He always tends to ramble and he talks like he’s defending himself in a sexual harassment case (“I thought she was interested your Honor!”). But I think Whiplash can be the game changer. I instantly wanted to root for him. Hold him in my loving arms and place his head in my beating heart ala Ed Sheeran. But….it might just be that J.K Simmons is the scariest man alive!!! I’m not even kidding! How can someone go from Juno’s loving daddy to the conductor from hell?! I call it the Walter White effect.

So what other rom-coms should I watch this month? Have you seen Whiplash? Don’t spoil it for me trolls! How on board are you with my Miles Teller rant? How do I know if I have rheumatoid arthritis? Let me know in the comments! Seriously, my knee is killing me!