A Break From The Chick Flicks


While I may have been immersing myself in romantic comedies of the late, primarily because I have set up a blog dedicated to the genre, I watched 2 foreign films yesterday that is so far from Chick Flicks, it may as well exist in it’s on universe.

I will say, no one does weird than us Asians. We have weird food, weird customs, weird beliefs… Or is it just weird because other people (non-Asians) think it’s weird. I guess something is weird when it doesn’t play well with out narrative. But I digress.

Oldboy (the original and not the Josh Brolin remake) is a Korean mystery thriller. If I would have to describe the film, without revealing too much about it, I would say that “it’s driven by revenge”. It’s really not THAT weird. I guess it’s so fucked up that you wonder, what kind of person and what happened to him to think of such a story. It’s one of the most recommended films in movie lists, foreign or not. And now I know why. It’s so easy to turn away to some of the scenes or just completely walk away from the movie but I beg you, if you do watch it, stay with it until the end. Much recommended.

Why Don’t You Play in Hell however is a different cup of tea. Who am I kidding? It’s a different cup of pure poison! If the title does not interest you enough – which probably means you’re allergic to cool – Jun Kunimura, Boss Tanaka, the Yakuza boss that O-ren Ishii beheaded to “prove a point” in the (arguably) greatest Quentin Tarantino film, Kill Bill Vol.1 – is in it as a… Yakuza boss. In a true Tarantino fashion it’s full of shooting guns aimlessly, blood baths and old school Samurai fighting. What makes it weird is the actual fun the characters are having in making a film about them killing each other and eventually dying. Plus there is a song in this movie that the characters keep singing over and over in any given opportunity that will make you want to memorize all the words and then proceed to stab yourself for even thinking about memorizing all of the words.

So that’s my dose of weird filled this week. What weird have you recently injected your system with? Let me know!