Starting To Hate This Blog…Or Maybe Just Myself

I started this blog over a year ago thinking this will be my one way ticket out of a corporate job. This used to be my solace during my humdrum life in Bahrain and now my solace is collecting dust. Do you guys want to hear what I have replaced it with? A life of unemployment that’s what!

I want to blog about things I care about and genuinely amuse me. I don’t want to bombard this innocent internet space with my rants and emotional emptiness. I don’t want to look back over the years and read myself talking about how dire my life is at 29. At fucking 29!

I wanted to talk about eating hamburgers, watching movies that inspire me to make movies and not about me being so bored and ungrateful when so many people in this world don’t even have internet access.

Maybe I’ll start blogging about my unemployment and challenge myself to put a positive spin on it. Or talk about being nearly 30 and still childless!

Can someone give me a feedback I can feed off from?







  1. I was 29 once, and I was feeling pretty dire about things myself. I had no job, no car, no prospects. I had a nice mountain bike that got me around town, but then I left it on a friend’s porch and it got stolen. Pretty bleak shit all around. Life presents us with these hard times, hard lessons, but if we find a way to get through them, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, we come out stronger for it. I promise you things will shift for you. Start small. Be kind to yourself. Forget the blog for now…keep paying for it, keep it as an option if you wish, but don’t beat yourself up for not “using all this extra time to write your masterpiece” or whatever storyline you are currently bludgeoning yourself with. The words will come, the writing will come. If you want to start a small, bare bones writing group with others who are wanting a support network, make a flyer and meet in your living room. I definitely think the thing I held onto during the hard times was to try to keep moving, to set one small goal each day for myself, anf then give myself a pat on the back for achieving it: “Today I am going to walk in the morning for 30 minutes…Today I am going to walk into 2 places and inquire about work, hand them my resume…Today I am going to go somewhere where I have never gone before.” Whatever it takes to get you out of the house, out of your head, do it. And you asked for help…pat yourself on the back for that one! It is the hardest thing for me to do, to ask for help, but I find that I immediately feel better once I’ve done it. And that’s even before the actual help arrives. Take care, start small, and keep telling yourself that things will get better. Love and luck to you. ❤

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