Reviving an Old Love

I am re- reading old blog posts and old comments (mostly because I need an ego boost) and came across this old blog I started over a year ago. Now, before you make any attempts clicking on that link let me tell you something about this blog of mine.

It’s about 50 Shades of Grey. Well, not really. It’s about ME reading 50 Shades of Grey and trying to understand the science (or lack of) behind it. It is mostly inspired by this blog made by my all time favorite Zac Little (seriously Google him!). Inspiration may be just another word for jealousy because I too wanted to blog about a book series because 1.) I don’t have to constantly think about what to blog , 2.) the project will help me with my writing 3.) it pushes me to really read something other than Bossypants and 4.) it just looks like a lot of fun.

I chose 50 Shades of Grey because at that time the trailer for the 50 Shades of Grey movie just came out (I have yet to watch that movie. Or shouldn’t I?) and I also had a talk with a friend about how she never really made any attempts at reading the Twilight series. So I thought about reading 50 Shades of Grey and then blog about it so she didn’t have to.

If you ask, yes, I’ve already read the series prior to making the blog. And yes, I own all the books. And yes, paperback issues. I am not proud of it. In my defense, at that time, I did not own a smartphone and had very little to no idea that ebooks exist. And I wanted to read them because I was curious and I wanted to know if it’s as scandalous as people make it to be. Turns out, it’s not.

I’m blogging about this because I kind of want to revive the project or maybe choose another book series (or just a book) to blog about. Also, one of the other reasons I have about choosing 50 Shades of Grey was because I can make fun of it. I just don’t think I can make a habit out of blogging about a book and not have a chance at dick jokes. But a part of me wants to get back at 50 Shades of Grey. I’ve been re-reading some of my old posts from there and a lot of them I still find funny.

So if any of you are bored and are looking for a blog to read maybe you can check it out and help me make a decision.


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