I’ve been reflecting a lot about why I blog. I think it’s because I know way more people who don’t than do.

When I first discovered blogging (xanga.com) I was so overjoyed because I’ve already outgrown writing with a gel pen in a diary at that time but I still wanted to talk about my life. Call me weird but I associate the clacking of keyboard with sophistication. Something about the sound makes me feel like I’m doing something very important and not just Googling recipes I can make with cheese.

When I entered College, I wanted to take my writing more seriously. So I stopped blogging about my life because I did not think that my life at that time was interesting enough for other people to read. Ironically enough, the best stories of my life all happened while I was in College. Something about not being able to read about my College drunken nights pains me, because as much as the memory of the pain I endured after another hang over is still burned in my brain (why I no longer imbibe on cheap brandy) not having a shred of proof of my College adventures feels like it never happened.

In reflection, reading myself type “the best stories of my life all happened while I was in College” is kind of sad and also untrue. But I guess I typed that because I feel like that the College was this separate person and right now that’s who I want to be.

Here’s me in College (or at least for the first 2 years)

  • Was very much into emo music but I guess everyone else at that time was into emo music(?)
  • Was trying to be someone’s girlfriend. Desperately trying. I was really bad at it. Most girls had High School to learn the ropes of being someone’s girlfriend but I was so Catholic in High School that I never had the chance.
  • Was not at all active in social media.
  • All clothing I owned were thrift store finds.
  • Smoking. A lot.
  • Drinking. A lot
  • Was someone who would watch a movie in the cinema alone — I can still go to the cinema alone style but why would I when I can just Internet that shit.
  • Was a closeted Avril Lavigne fan.
  • Was very much into politics and world history.
  • Had no idea how sex works. Did I mention I was a very (horny) Catholic in High School?
  • Would cut classes to ride a bus not really having a plan on where to go and would get down at a place I’ve never been to before — I can’t pull this shit anymore
  • I did not carry a cellphone or a wallet all the time — I can’t pull this anymore
  • Was in a band
  • I attended concerts with (2) total strangers (one of them I ended up sorta dating, yey!)
  • Would give out a fake name when in a strange place

I think that’s about the information I’m willing to reveal about myself in College. Also, I’m sleepy. See you tomorrow? Hopefully?


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