Team Edward

I don’t know if I’ve expressed this before but I really like the Twilight books. I know, I know, Twilight is basically the Justin Bieber of Young Adult fiction. And this is not about rooting for the underdogs, because let’s face it Twilight is no underdog. I first read Twilight when I was less cynical. I don’t remember hating the dialogue or found a teenage girl falling in love with a handsome vampire ridiculous. Then the movies happened. But that’s another blog post.

For some reason I really want to reread the Twilight books. Many of my friends have not even touched a Twilight book and it;s kind of amazing how they never got into the hype, but then I only signed up on Facebook in 2010. Remember 2010?

There are plenty of things in popular media I never got into. Some I genuinely could care less about (Jonas Brothers, American Idol, Pinterest) and some I have no qualms getting into (Game of Thrones, Ariana Grande, Iphone) and it’s made me realize that I have certain level of open mindedness that’s made me proud as an adult.

This blog post is starting to make less sense. But yeah, I want to reread the Twilight books. Thought you should know.



  1. I literally thought I was the only one who felt this way! I don’t remember disliking Twilight at all when I read it, however that was a good few years, and a good few books ago! I’m really interested to see if I’d still like it if I read it now…

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    1. I know! This is mostly an experiment of how many things I used to like that I still like know (and not entirely regret liking). But I’m glad you’re on board the Twilight train Olivia Emily. I’m just slightly afraid that I’d change my mind and be on Team Jacob this time round…

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      1. Team Edward all the way! He’s so much better in the book! That would be a worry thought, because Jacob is better in the books, too, if I remember rightly!


      2. I remember hating Jacob for over complicating things. I just wanted more Edward. What are your thoughts on the debate that Edward supposedly “lured” Bella into liking him. This was mostly written with a #feminism tagged on it. And where do you think all the Twilight hate stems from. I mean if it’s just about Edward being a teenage vampire, well, I’ve read far weirder stuff.

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      3. I think you can say anyone has lured their love interest, because – in a way – that is generally how it goes. Love is basically convincing someone to stick with you, and becoming fond of them. So yes, Edward lured Bella, only if every other prominent romance character lured there love. And if he really lured her like bait, why did he leave in New Moon? And if this is supposed to be a feminist argument, why is it weakening the image people have of a female? I don’t really agree with that.
        I think a lot of the Twilight hate stems from the fact that Stephanie Meyer is one of the few authors to admit she dreamt of the plot line, and herself as Bella. I think people’s problem there was that the book then seemed like Meyer’s fantasy, and not a real book. Which is stupid, really, because it’s not like Twilight is the worst written series, nor does it have the worst plot line.
        What do you think?


      4. I approve the “luring the people you love” thing. I also agree that it’s definitely not the most ridiculous thing written ever. And if we’re going to dissect every single plot line, I think we’ll end up hating a lot of other books.
        I’ve never heard of Meyer dreaming of the story for Twilight argument before and that’s really interesting how people would hate on that. I think it’s because it’s one of the most popular YA books before YA was a popular thing? People really like to hate the popular sometimes. Also, was Twilight classified as YA when it first came out? Man, all this Twilight talk is making me more excited for my Twilight reread.

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      5. Sometimes the more you dissect things, the further away you stray from the actual meaning.
        And yeah, I totally see where you’re coming from. I imagine people started hating it because it was popular, and then it became popular to hate it etc.
        Also, videos like this exist ( wherein the film adaptations own actors hate on the books. If that won’t discourage the audience to love the book, I don’t know what will!
        I definitely remember Meyer stating the book was based on a dream – she dreamt of the meadow scene. And I think it was aimed at YA, because Meyer’s next book, The Host, was dubbed the first Meyer book aimed at adults.


  2. I read the Twilight series when I was hugely pregnant, and I just loved, loved, loved it. I love the trilogies: Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, 50 Shades of Grey. Plays are written in three acts, so something about a triad really completes the story, you know? I loved the movies until the one with the weird computer-animated talking sentient baby…that was too weird and gross. Thanks for a great, fun post!

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    1. You’re welcome! It’s always nice when someone else agrees with your Twilight appreciation. I really think the Twilight movies would have been better if they hired a better director. And yes, that animated baby was completely uncalled for.


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