Random Post And Also Happy One Year Anniversary

Something I forgot to mention in the previous post I made is that today marks my one year here on WordPress. I can’t believe that this little blog of mine that stems from sheer boredom has survived a year on the internet. But then again, anything can survive here on the internet if you let it. So there’s that.

Also, totally random but something I want to get off my chest is that I am uncomfortable watching awkward dance routines. Mostly, I’m talking about Ed Sheeran’s music video of “Thinking Out Loud”. God how I hate that song. Not that it’s not a good song. It is. I even, embarrassingly enough, contemplated to use that song for my wedding dance *cringe*. And then it blew up. Like completely out of proportion and then everyone decided to use it in their wedding and I hated it because I’m cynical and I suck as a person sometimes.

To make matters worse, Ed Sheeran decided to dance in his music video. And not just any dancing. He decided to do some sort of lyrical dance a la So You Think You Can Dance shit that just makes me want to gag. People should not dance in their music video if they don’t know how to dance. Like, that’s the whole point of hiring professional dancers right?! Did I already tell you I suck as a person sometimes?

God, I really hate that video! And no, I won’t link it out of principle. Google the damn thing. How I wish I can Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind that music video. Old reference. Google that too.


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