Back To The Drawing Board

I am well aware that I haven’t posted a thing in this blog for forever but rather than bombarding you with excuses that I’d rather tweet on Twitter (@dorasmonolgues) I’d just tell you about being inspired and hopefully to inspire another soul who may be in the rut right now.

I’ve always wanted to write a book. It has been a dream of mine since I was aware of what a book is and how it is made. So this dream has been long since overdue, like this post, and I’m going to be real honest with you because we’re friends and this is the internet, I have not made one conscious effort in making this dream a reality.

Some would argue that this blog a step towards that. But let’s be real. A book is only made when there is real commitment and I have none of that so far. It sucks, knowing what you want to do but feel like you have no real power to do it. Of course I can write a book. Any dum dum who puts their mind to it can write a book. But hardly anyone gets published. I get so down when I have this supposedly great idea and then found out later, some teen came up with almost the same idea and it’s already on it’s way to be the next Jennifer Lawrence movie.

There will be days where I would just type away some great story I cooked up in my head and while my fingers are busy typing and my heart is beating so hard and my brain is already thinking of all the people I’d care to thank in my acknowledgements the sucky side of me takes over and then I’d get insecure of my grammar and I proceed to spell check everything and then I’d remember there is this cat video I need to check on YouTube and then I’m back to not pursuing my dream.

I find little to no inspiration most days but there will be days where all I want to do is write and not care about how many ‘s’ is there in ‘disappointed’ and today is an inspirational day.

I’ve always been a reader, I guess you have to be to want to become a writer, right? But I haven’t really pick up a book and really commit to it until today. I decided to reread this book by this really famous content creator in YouTube and instantly felt inspired to write my experiences and how I want other people to read them and learn from my mistakes so they’d be less of an idiot (hopefully).

So what I’m going on about is this, it is never too late or too early to pursue your dreams but also don’t beat yourself up for not following some 10 year plan because life sucks and it is great at the same time and sometimes it’s just better to play with your two cute dogs than sit down and break your neck over some character that is likely going to die in chapter 2.

God, I missed ranting on here. Hopefully there is another one tomorrow?



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