Thoughts On The Sweltering Heat and This Tropical Island

Been here in The Philippines for a while. 3 weeks! But who’s really counting? The heat is killing me though. Imagine, me?! A kid born out of the filthy streets of Manila. Grew up in the desert island and the heat is killing me? If you’ve never been here I don’t expect you to share my dilemma, but please tell me in the comments if every particle of your being is sweating like the Niagara is falling.

Philippines is mad beauty guys. I can’t believe that I’m back. Every time I hear a jeepney horn I still feel a sense of excitement. The traffic is a bitch though but I can still cope with it.

I know I haven’t posting in a while but for good reason. Internet is not accessible as it was for me back in Bahrain. But I’m back with my family and I can’t wait to post pictures of the wedding I attended a week ago and some shots from my S3 of the beautiful scenery.

Missed WordPress and I can’t wait to be back to my regular groove. See you all in the comments guys!


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