Thoughts About Airport and Airplanes

As we have established, I have anxiety. For most people who have anxiety riding a plane is the worst but not so for me. I mean I don’t particularly like inhaling recycled air for 10+ hours but it’s not so bad.
I’ve been lucky to not book a ticket in a shitty airline. Most of the “shitty” flight stories I’ve read are local and I’ve only travelled international. So what’s worse? A 2-4 hr plane ride in a shitty plane or a 10-15 hr flight? Tell me your thoughts.
The thing I’m most anxious of when flying long distance is having to pee. I have to pee constantly. Even when I don’t have to pee I feel like having to pee and that is the worst when you’re flying. So if you’re sitting next to me in this connecting flight, sorry buddy.
So right now, it’s all a waiting game and crossing my fingers for a window seat.
Will be blogging from the Tropics in 15 hours WordPress!


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