Maybe You Should Listen To Walk The Moon’s Album Walk The Moon

How are you beautiful? Yeah YOU of course! Who else? I know you’ve been tired all week, so here’s what I want you to do. I want you to sit down, relax, prop up your feet and let me make you a playlist. But you’re only resting up for a few minutes, because spoiler alert, the following songs are gonna make you want to dance.

I haven’t done a post like this in a while, so I’m a little rusty. So if you don’t mind imperfect grammar and redundant adjectives, read on! We’re going to talk about one of my favorite bands at the moment (and maybe of all time, who knows, I have yet to listen to their sophomore album), WALK THE MOON.

No, I’m not shouting. That’s how they straight up stylize their band name, in all caps. It makes sense though. With this indie synth band’s up tempo beats you’ll have to shout over the music to exclaim how really good this shit is. At least in my humble opinion. So let’s see if I can get any of you to listen to this band (if you haven’t already).

Walk The Moon’s self titled album WALK THE MOON. 11 tracks. 12:10 AM. Let’s do this!

1. Quesadilla

And I want you, I want you
I still do

A song about one of the most delicious creation that involves cheese.

What I Think About It: You know that wonderfully awkward feeling that you have when a relationship is just starting out. That is exactly what I’m reminded of when I first listened to this. It’s like saying, “I can’t believe it’s been this long. I’m still as in love with you when I first met you and did not know that you don’t like Lord of the Rings. I mean, how dare you, but I still love you.”

Listen To This When: You’re planning a cute secluded anniversary date for your significant other. Or better yet, learn the chords to this and play this for him/her as a gift.

2. Lisa Baby

With all the other boys in the running
Never thought this could happen at 20

A song about Lisa and how perfect she is. Fucking Lisa!

What I Think About It: Boy oh boy! I truly thought this album could not get any better. Track 2 and I’ve already picked my favorite! The lyrics are so good that I want to know and meet this Lisa and ask her how freaking good listening to this feels, knowing that this song is about her. I mean Nobody else has you down, but me”? That’s like saying, “No one knows you like I do and I want everyone to know how amazing you are because I’m the only who sees and knows and feels it like THIS! Damn!

Listen To This When: When your name is Lisa and you need some confidence boost to nail that interview, rock that new dress, or just to over all make you feel good.

3. Next in Line

Won’t you stay shot gun until the day I die?

A song about BAE

What I Think About It: It took me a while to really get into this song. I wasn’t digging the intro first of all, but once you get through the first listen of the entire album the intro totally makes sense. I’ve been doing this stupid thing where I’ve been listing down my favorite lines from songs in one notebook and “Won’t you stay shot gun until the day I die?” is right there in my top 20.

Listen To This When: When you and your significant other, your best friend, or any person of certain closeness, are drunk singing at 2am. Have fun repeating the last 22 seconds of the song until one of you passes out.

4. Anna Sun

We got no money, but we got heart
We’re gonna rattle this ghost town

A song about  remembering how far your friendship with your best friend has come.

What I Think About It: This was the hook! This was the song that catapulted Walk The Moon to a band that I don’t know to a band I love. It’s got all the elements of a really good song: Well thought out and memorable lyrics, cool and seemingly easy harmonies, and most especially, a really really really good acoustic cover. Very VERY important. This song just makes me feel good!

Listen To This When: When drunk singing part dos.

5. Tightrope

I’m changing, I’ve been the change, on the swings on the set, on the night that we met

A song about that nervous feeling when you’ve finally decided you want to be the change you want to see. Gandhi style.

What I Think About It: I’m a sucker for dance music. It doesn’t matter if it’s classified as pop, indie, synth, or what have you. If it’s something I can dance to, expect it to be on repeat for the next couple of days. And this song was on repeat on my phone for 2 weeks straight.

Listen To This When: When you’re psyching yourself up to  finally make that bungee jump, mostly because you’re holding up the line dude.

6. Jenny

J-J-J-Jenny’s got a body just like an hourglass
I wanna be the sand inside that hourglass

A song about some girl named Jenny and how ridiculously hot she is.

What I Think About It: Petition to have Nicholas Petricca (lead vocals, keyboard) write a song in my name. I mean who are all these girls?? I’m jealous. And also, something random, but what really elevates my feelings for a band is knowing that they’re not assholes. This video is evidence of that. I mean, no asshole can ever submit themselves to this dorky idea for a video.

Listen To This When: When you’re running. Seriously! The more I listen to this the more it makes sense that you add this to your running playlist.

7. Shiver Shiver

Shall we get intimate again?
I think so, I think so

A song about making out leading to foreplay leading to…you get it! We’re all adults here! Unless you’re not! What are you doing reading this blog 9-year-old girl??!

What I Think About It: A sexy song. The message I’m getting is, “Just being near to you is making me horny. I mean, I know we just sexed each other exactly 5 minutes ago, but I’m up for another round if you are.”

Listen To This When: When you’re eating your post coital ice cream and realized it’s still too hard. The ice cream or something else, you decide.

8. Lions 

0:35 seconds intermission

9. Iscariot

Sure as the setting sun
You can’t trust just anyone

A song about betrayal and still trusting despite of that

What I Think About It: Judas Iscariot is famous for being the disciple who double crossed Jesus but Jesus forgave him anyway – or at least that’s what I heard he did. Anyway, that’s what this song is  about. I mean, is it really about the real Judas?! Who knows! But I would wonder which disciple would be chanting You know you had it coming my brother to Jesus because he’s kind of an asshole.

Listen To This When: When you know something fishy is up but you wait it out anyway because you’ve been wrong about your suspicions before. Just careful not to get burnt.

10. Fixin

I’ve got a feeling that I’m not complete anymore

A song about acceptance and moving on

What I Think About It: There is always this one song in an album that I just skip. And as much as I love this album, it serves as no exception to that arbitrary rule. But this is why I make posts like this because it’s the perfect time to actually sit still and listen. I’m glad I did but I’ll probably still skip this song, not because I still think it’s not as good but more because I want to get to the next (and last) song already.

Listen To This When: When you’ve raised both hands in surrender and have in fact already “fucked it!” and now ready to move past the shit.

11. I Can Lift a Car

Did you know that
I can lift a car up all by myself

A song about being brave and self redemption and sadness and happiness, and all the feels!

What I Think About It: I’ve already made up my mind about this song being one of my all time favorite songs, ever. It’s a pretty bold statement but no song has ever made sense to me and I’m not usually super cheesy about songs, but this, this I really feel is a song written about me and for me at the best time in my life. It speaks of someone recovering from a break up. Breaking down after the break up. Rising above the break up. Then suddenly there is… clarity.

“I can lift a car up all by myself?” (beat)
“I can lift a car up all by myself!”

It’s about realizing that the break up is not some be all end all. Like I thought this break up would hurt me more than it did. Probably because it’s the right thing to do because I know I can be with someone better and be a better someone with that someone. I mean, I could go on, but I’ll spare you.

Listen To This When: When you’re trying to decide whether you’ll give this album a go or not and just thought you’ll listen to one song. This is that song!

So that’s it. 11 tracks (10 if you’re not counting Lions) of WALK THE MOON goodness.

Tell me if you’ve given this album a go and/or if you’ve already listened to this album and wondered why it took me so long to write a post about it. Sorry okay?! I’m an idiot.

Ending this post with this dancing (awkwardly) WALK THE MOON gif

I mean… what adorable dorks



    1. Woah! Thanks John. As I type this I am getting ready to board a plane to the Philippines. Been neglecting this blog and other writing responsibilities because of this trip. But hope I can make up soooon. I miss the Chris Brakers!

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