Thoughts From The Gym

Yeah, you read that right. I went to the gym. *pause for violent reactions* It’s not my first time. Actually, a year before, my friend Lora took me to the same gym and we took an hour class, I think it was Zumba at that time, we both thought, yeah, this is a regular thing that we can do as 2 amateur adults. But it never happened.

In a month’s time, I will be flying out to the Philippines. I am excited about it. Really excited. So my friend Lora thought it would be a great idea for me to gym-ify my body in a desperate attempt to make it look extra bangable for when I had to leave. I said OK and here were my thoughts from last night.

Entering the gym

– I’ve been here before, so just cool it.

– It smells like sweat.

– It really does suck for Abi to have to clean stuff in a gym because the sweat smell is so powerful.

– Lot’s of really ripped guys in the ground floor. Probably to attract potential members. It’s more effective than any motivational poster I guess.

Entering the changing room

– I’ve been here before, so just cool it.

– It smells like sweat.

– Some ladies are really rocking the gym look with their matching gym wear and winged out eyeliner.

While changing

– I’m so glad I have a decent sports bra.

– To wear a sweat shirt or to not wear a sweat shirt. I don’t want anyone looking at my armpits.

Signing up for a Combat Training class

– I’m going to die. Or worse, I’m going to hurl and everyone is going to hate me for ruining the class.

Starting the class

– Do I look weird doing this? Am I doing it right? I can’t wear my glasses while doing this.

– Literally, no one cares about me right now so I’m just going to rock it.

Halfway through the class

– I am killing all of this kicking moves.

– I never knew how hard it was to punch until this day.

– This girl in front of me is a life saver. She knows all the moves and I can just copy her.

By the end of the class

– I made it! I didn’t die or hurl!

Inside the Sauna

– I’m inside a sauna!

– It’s not as cool as Steven Yeun made it look.

– I’m naked, with only a towel covering me and there are strangers with me in this sauna.

– Literally, no one cares about my naked body.

– I feel like I’m in a rap video.

While in the shower

– My skin looks gorgeous. I’m definitely builiding a sauna in my future home.

– Can I take this shower home please?

– If I pee in this shower, will anyone else notice?

Exiting the gym

– When can we do this again?

– I’m starving!

And guess what? We ate burgers and fries in Johnny Rockets! Haha! But really guys. I’m not planning to crash diet my way into a “bangable” body. Greatness takes time. And I’m glad I took the time to actually do it. Now, I don’t feel as dumb and would probably do this gym thing in the regular. I’m an adult, I can do what I want.



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