Buffy Blog

I have a stroooong desire to make a blog dedicated to my re-watching the Buffy series. Who is with me on this?? I know Buffy is now available on Netflix so I want to know if anyone is re-watching the series too.



      1. lool why do you need it if you can have shows on your hard drive? Isn’t that better? That’s the way i like it anyway lol. Enlighten me on some of the great features of Netflix since you know so much xD


      2. Haha. I don’t know a lot about Netflix. I just know a lot of people who use it. There are a lot of movies in Netflix, some I havent heard of. And I think The Wire is in Netflix. I’ve always wanted to see that show but downloading can be a pain sometimes


      3. I like downloading. The main pain is bandwidth but streaming on Netflix would use just as much, no? Then other part would be storage but if bandwidth isn’t an issue, I would feel slightly less hesitation to delete stuff to make room although I don’t think I’ve deleted anything yet. I’m a HUGE hoarder of files lol.


      4. Me too. I keep keeping series that I know I wont watch again. Like old Doctor Who episodes. I have anxiety over what to keep and get rid of. I had a dramatic day when I got rid of Malcolm in the Middle finally. Haha.


      5. “a dramatic day” Lool. Man, it sucks so bad that whenever I transfer stuff for friends I hoard their stuff too lol. And then sometimes i worry that keeping only 1 version on 1 hard drive isn’t enough. I may have a problem, lol…

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      6. No! Thats just good thinking. Trust me, I’ve been burned before. I once lost an entire hard drive full of old episodes of Scrubs. I almost cried and I dont even like Zach Braff that much.


      7. At first i thought you were saying I can’t keep talking to you cause I didn’t watch the movies, lool. I wonder if we’re spamming Margaret (the first commenter)’s email right now, lol.


      8. Really? It won’t publish your reply on your own blog? Like the site’s not responding or it’s treating it as spam? lol. Yeah we can talk anywhere you’d like. What’s good for you? fb? email? skype?

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