I Went Outside And…I Liked It

The older I get, the harder it is to convince me to “go out”. It doesn’t matter where you’re taking me. It will be very hard to remove me from the safety of my pajamas and computer chair. I also have a very strict no-bra policy from the second I arrive home from work and only the promise of free food can make me break that rule.

So when my (one of) best friend Lora asked me to come to a mini reunion that consists about 7 other people from our High School, of course I muted the conversation and pretended I lost my phone. I instantly felt guilty, a feeling that only a best friend can sweat out of you, and eventually said yes.

I don’t like reunions as much as I don’t like going out. No matter how little they are. Reunions mean seeing people that you haven’t seen for a long long time for good reasons. I went to a very small High School and I DID NOT LIKE IT. Still top one in my MOST WASTED YEARS IN MY LIFE list. When I was in High School, I was not a loser kid nor bullied or the bully or part of a popular gang. Here’s a way to describe who I was in High School. Imagine you have a broken down clock radio, that you love. To justify this scenario, it’s probably a limited edition Star Wars Obi Wan clock radio. So you waste a good part of your day trying to fix it. You open it up, break it apart, and then you put it back together. You get it working again and you whoop for joy (do people still whoop??) Then you realized that there is a left over screw that you can’t seem to figure out where to fit. For a few minutes you scratch your head and try to solve the mystery but your clock radio works anyway so you get back to not caring about said clock radio and proceed to do more important things like make Nutella French Toast or something equally exciting. I was that piece of screw that don’t fit anywhere in the various cliques in High School, but I did not care because I can still breathe air.

The prospect of meeting up with people from High School weirds out. What would I talk abut with these people? Why would they be interested in seeing me? Are these reunions just a ruse to see “who is doing better”? I have no interest in answering any of those questions but I still went because, what the hell.

Surprisingly, seeing people from High School excited me. I have no beef with any of them (or them with me) so over all it was a pleasant experience. I’d even say I’ll gladly do it again. I’ll even initiate the meet up! Sike! No way I’d do that.

I find myself asking them questions genuinely, without a hint of disdain. I asked them what they do and what they’re recent interests are. For the first hour, I did a lot of involuntary eye rolling, something that Lora found amusing. But after realizing that none of these people are out to get me, I relaxed. I remembered that we are not in High School anymore. I allowed myself to be funny and found a thrill in the fact that these people, who I never regarded as anyone important in my life, are happy to see me. And I, a robot bitch sent from the future, are happy to see them. I even rode a bike and liked it!

2015 is all about making new things happen for me. And all this meeting up with people and actually doing things with them is new as new can get. And I liked every minute of it.


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