February Favorites: A Post About Things I Liked This Month

February only has 28 days in a year. 29 on rare occasions. Was February a really snotty kid and got sent to the Principal’s office a bunch of times and punished him/her/it with only fewer days to exist because none of the other months can stand him/her/it? I know there is a can-be-Googled explanation but whining in the internet is much easier to get information. If you don’t believe me read the comments section in a YouTube video. “People” will choke you with “information” that you did not even ask for.

What I’m really saying is, this is my February favorites post. A list of things I heart heart kiss kiss and point for this month.

1. Harris Wittels Twitter



I’m not much of a Twitter user but I appreciate a good tweet. There is an abundance of that in the late great Harris Wittels Twitter account. Comedy lost a hero when he died and all I want to do, to celebrate him, is to immortalize his tweets in a shirt and wear one everyday.

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Ah Buffy. There is nothing about this show that repulses me. Everything about it was a winner, but of course 10-year-old Dora was easily impressed. I’d like to test the show’s appeal by re-watching it like any other dude with a Netflix. I’m now in season 2 and it’s still the same show that I love.

Not to mention this love team.

or this two weirdo’s

3. Amwaj: The Lagoon

Went to this place last night and had a really good time. I guess this is what it looks like when it first opened, but now it’s got a butt load of restaurants and bikes and other stuff that I did’t know I’d find unironically enjoyable.

4. Ankle Boots

I’ve never been obsessed with anything shoe wise but man oh man, ankle boots have now become my weakness.

Look at this! Look it! I neeed!!

5. Triumph

If you’ve never heard of Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog, then shame on you. But this is a good introduction to his brilliance. Here’s some perspective to this dog. Triumph is a hand held dog puppet and he is the funniest thing in my world right now.

6. Alvvays

I love discovering new bands. This month it’s this indie band from Canada.

7. Blackhead Popping Videos

Yeah you heard me. I’m not even going to link a video. It’s all up to you.

8. J.K Simmons and J.K. Simmons winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (Whiplash)

J.K Simmons won the Oscar. All is right in the world. I mean there are still assholes but guys! J.K. Simmons won!

9. Parks and Recreation Cast in Late Night with Seth Meyers

Parks and Recreation is one of my favorite shows. It’s got a lovable cast which makes me wonder why it never got a big following. Although, if they include Tumblr reblogs and likes and them to the ratings… But who cares about ratings, Parks ended on a good note and them making their final farewell in LNSM is just fitting.

10. SNL 40th Anniversary Special tied with Power Rangers: Unauthorized & Violent Bootleg Universe

SNL celebrated their 40th year in comedy. Eddie Murphy showed up in 8H for the first time since he left and so did Chevy. Betty White made out with Bradley Cooper that lucky sonofagun. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Jane Curtin did Update. There was a double Stefon  that just elevated my heart rate to a maximum. And Mike Myers and Dana fucking Carvey murdered it with a Wayne’s World Sketch.

And this. This Power Rangers masterpiece made me like James Van Der Beek all over again. Just watch it. Just do it.


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