Here Is My Week In YouTube Videos

You know what I’ve noticed? That my mom is ageing very nicely. My mom is like any Asian mom. She’s strict, stingy and she’s very very uptight. OK, maybe not all Asian moms are like that. But all the Asian mom’s I know are like that. I’m getting off topic here. So back to my hot mom. Now that my mom is not busy running a household and she’s not worried about tuition fees and school projects, she’s finally letting loose and actually enjoying life. So it’s funny that BuzzFeed came up with this first video.


If I showed these dudes pictures of my mom, then and now, they’d be saying DAMN!?! I would post a picture of said hot mom but I don’t want no internet pervs creeping on my mother.


Here’s a fun fact, I used to hate Nutella. When I was growing up, Nutella was this unheard of chocolate spread and we were the only household that has Nutella because my parents would send some from abroad. I hated it. I didn’t know what to do with it. If I put it on bread it makes the bread too sweet and it would give me headaches. But now, I love it. Nutella on toast? DAMN!?! But this Nutella cookie recipe is too much for me.


In our household you have to learn how to hide your food. People will just straight up grab and go and pretend like nothing happened. When I used to live alone I would hide food from myself because that was my way of portion control. Plus, in the Philippines, everything comes in smaller packets. Buying bulk was a foreign concept to us, until S&R that is. I think S&R is our version of CostCo. Buying bulk still overwhelms and confuses me. I mean what do you need all those toilet paper for? Is this your last day on earth?


“Last night was a goodie!”

God damn right Jimmy. If you haven’t seen the 40th anniversary special of SNL well maybe you should. I think it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen even if there was not enough Fey in it. This monologue only made me wish I was a fly in the room. A fly in Beyonce’s drink. But Jay Z would probably swat me away.


And there’s this video. Watch it. Then dream about it. Enjoy!


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