Thoughts On BuzzFeed, Crack and Binge Watching

BuzzFeed get’s a lot of crap about delivering a non thought out content from time to time. I know this because I frequent the BuzzFeed YouTube site and I watch their videos to gauge how many minutes has passed since I’ve done something productive and the comments that people leave on there is just….well…some of them are mostly true.

If you don’t know what BuzzFeed is then that’s a cute boulder you’re living under. BuzzFeed is a website that delivers news and Pop Culture related articles to short attention spanned people with low self esteems. So my demographic. BuzzFeed is like that drug dealer who keeps telling you to quit drugs but still gives you discounts on crack. Or that drug dealer who only sells crack but carries weed “just for you” because you’re his/her first time customer.

I miss my drug dealer. Kidding! I don’t have a drug dealer! I AM the drug dealer. JK!

Anyway, I was perusing the BuzzFeed site like any normal morning at work and they put out this article ranking the 86 Best Picture Oscar Winners. It made me think of a lot of things. 1. I haven’t watched Godfather in a while. 2. Maybe I should marathon The Godfather trilogy. 3. I should quit my day job and make it my life’s mission, or at least this 2015, to watch all the movies in the list – of course also including this year’s would be winner (Boyhood or Grand Budapest Hotel which I’ve both seen). Why?! Because it’s 2015 baby! And this is what a “challenge” looks like.

Another thing that BuzzFeed so cleverly made me feel I should watch or in this case re-watch is Happy Endings. Any of you weirdos seen an episode or two or (in my case) the whole short lived 3 seasons? It is one of the most funniest sitcoms ever and why it got cancelled and The Big Bang Theory still winning Emmy’s is beyond me.

If you’ve never seen Happy Endings, first of all how dare you! Second I forgive you for taking part in the execution of this wonderful show and three educate yourself with this BuzzFeed article.

Now I want nothing more than this work day to be over so I can binge watch on Oscar winning movies and Happy Endings.


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