Thoughts On Singlehood, Internet Anonymity and Nonsense

It’s February, which society or Cosmopolitan magazine tells us is the “love month”. This is also that time of the year where single people are supposedly more miserable or at least that’s what consumerism wants us to believe. Wait what?!

Am I making any sense?!

I find myself making jabs towards my singlehood more often than I think I should. I think I sound like a bitter broken record. But the only reason I do so is because I am single. That is my life right now and I celebrate it. I have no real reasons as to why and I don’t have any aversions to dating. I’m just in a place where I’m not being asked out and I am not interested in anyone date-wise and I am ok with that.

Other people find it disbelieving when you say you’re just fine with being single. Especially if you’re female and in your late 20’s. It’s not that I like/love being single. It’s not that my being single is intentional. It’s just my current state and I am simply ok with it.

Am I making any sense?

Now let’s talk about internet anonymity.

My good friend and blog mom, Margaret wrote this post about her internet identity. Which got me thinking about my internet identity.

This may come as a shock to you but I have real life friends. Friends I’ve met in real life without the barrier of the internet. Most of these “real friends’ are people I met in college so they know me quite well. They know what I’m passionate about, what annoys me and they pretty much tolerate all of these things. With affection of course.

But I have never shared my blog with them or anything internet related that I do.

Here are my thoughts on it.

I think the reason why I don’t let my real life friends in on my internet self is that I’d hate for my blogging to come in the way of anything or vice versa. Blogging is liberating and I get to talk about people in my non-internet life without having to think twice about it.

There is also this (irrational) fear that I have to impress someone that I know outside of the internet and that kind of pressure just gets in the way of my “writing”.

Am I making any sense?!

Please validate my crazy thoughts WordPress! It’s the only way I can function.



  1. I am single and for the most part very content with that. After all I don’t have to pick up after myself, I can run out the door and do what I want at any hour of the day (like 5 am trip to Denny’s this morning lol) – don’t have to explain or answer to anyone. Now and then I get a twinge of loneliness but it does not last, I sure don’t cry over it lol.

    And I am also pretty anonymous on here. I don’t go out of my way and let people know or post on FB. My mental illness is something not many people know about. I don’t really talk about others except maybe in my comments. My BFF does read my blog but she gets me.

    So anyway yeah makes sense to me lol


    1. I certainly don’t mean to say that being single is “better” but it certainly has more perks than non-perks, and you just gave a very good example.

      So glad I make sense to another human, given that this post was so random. Like literally just a thought that I feel I can’t get past to without writing it down.

      Thanks for the validation! Haha,

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  2. I soo feel the same way. About everything! (End comment)

    Blogging is very freeing, I write whatever the hell I want. I think what’s interesting is how we’re all comfortable sharing these super private things with more or less stranger but not people we know IRL. I have no explanation. Maybe I’ll ask my therapist. She’s good at answering all my ‘why-come?’ Type questions.

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    1. I think it has also something to do with the fact that you can pretty much pick and choose your audience in the blog world whilst in real life, you don’t really know if this person is going to get you pop culture references until you actually talk to them. Social anxiety gets in the way. Maybe that’s one of my reasons. Also rejection and other fun stuff. haha

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      1. I worry about the judge-iness of the “friends” who aren’t actually friends. Like my 3rd grade bully is my “friend” on fb. When she added me I was like “do you not remember kicking my knee socks?!” But still I accepted the friend request, bleh.

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