Thoughts on Dependency, Maroon 5 and Bjork

You’ve heard the made up statistics. The people of today are so dependent in technology. And why shouldn’t we? Why should we deny ourselves the convenience of downloading a newspaper app so that we can pretend to ourselves that we actually care about the news, when in truth we really just zone in to what’s trending on Twitter.

I am a millenial and I depend on technology for almost everything. I need to learn how to cook, I go to YouTube. I need to know who did what on this date, I go to Wikipedia. Recently, I found that my mood is also dependent on whatever media I consume. My attitude towards the day can be very easily manipulated by filling myself with whatever media depending on what I wanted to feel that day at that time. You know, like a robot.

The fastest and most efficient way for me to do this is to listen to music. I’ve been alternating between Maroon 5’s and Bjork’s new albums lately.

I like Maroon 5’s pop rock infused with synth sounds that you can dance to. An unpopular opinion but Maroon 5’s beats makes me feel…happier? I have no solid preferences when it comes to bands but I like any song that would make me want to dance. Or awkwardly move.


Maroon 5's V

Bjork’s new album on the other hand is a real Debbie Downer. Described numerously as Bjork’s break up album and “the saddest Bjork album” it is really the epitomy of melancholy.


Bjork's Vulnicura

Look, I love Bjork. Heck, I worship her. But unless you want to lie down on the floor and think of all the times you’ve been hurt then stay away from this one. Or at least during the day time if you want to be a functioning adult.

So what I’m trying to say is I’m a heartless robot that requires music to feel things.



  1. I still haven’t listened to the new Bjork album. I’m scared! When I love her stuff I really really love it. But otherwise it can be like listening to nuts and bolts in a garbage disposal. Bring me my Sugarcubes!

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  2. He new Bjork album is somehow lacking the really aggressive beats I fell in love with-like the ones in Army of Me. This is a much softer Bjork. Think getting a just out of the freezer bottle of vodka and wrapping yourself in your favorite blanket. Its comfort and bearable pain at the same time. I think I’ll do a post about it. Hehe.

    Oh and (robot mode) I am here at your service my queen.

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