This Has Been My Week In YouTube Videos

If you know me, you know I like them YouTube videos. Since I have an attention span of a fruit fly, a 5 minute video is perfect to keep me entertained. Here are  5 videos (some of) that entertained me this week.


I bet you’ve seen one of Yanis’ videos before. Handsome men dancing in heels. And not just your average heels. They are seriously rocking hooker heels! I can’t even walk let alone stand in 3 inch heels. So I bow down. Bow down.


I’ve been considering buying a new phone as my S3 is working in a very sloth like pace and that with my attention span, well, I think it’s time for a new one. I considered going for an iPhone but nothing beats an android in my opinion. This video is a review of the phone I’m considering but I’m having a hard time taking this guy seriously.


There is an Attack On Titan theme park in Japan. I repeat. An ATTACK. ON. TITAN. THEME. PARK. Just let that sink in people and get jealous because God damn it! Japan just won’t stop being so freaking cool!


The Season 2 of my favorite late night show program is nigh! Prepare yourself for the king of late night political satire (debatable) people because John Oliver is back and he promises the show to be “pretty much the same thing” If you have not seen any of John Oliver’s wit and humor, you can easily dig some of the episodes in the show’s YouTube channel.


Speaking of a favorite show coming back. Broad City a.k.a the funniest show about 2 girls in NYC ever! is back with their second season and it’s funnier! And anyone who has not taken advantage of dancing in an empty apartment naked is seriously missing out on a good time. Plus this scene from S02E02 is Lady Gaga approved.

So that’s a little weekly round up. What YouTube Video did I miss out on? How low is your self esteem? Let me know in the comments!

Till then, dance naked in your apartment people! Doctor’s orders.


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