Maybe You Should Listen To Haim’s Album Days Are Gone

I was actually half tempted to make a post about Maroon 5’s new album V – mostly because I’ve been listening to it non-stop – but who needs that when we can listen to an old favorite of mine, Haim.

If you don’t know by now, I make album recommendations in this part of my blog. I am always in the lookout for great music and the Haim girls are one of my favorite discoveries of 2013. Yes 2013! And yet I don’t see more people talking about this band. So I thought maybe it’s time to take Haim out of the niche corner.

Haim’s album Days Are Gone. 11 tracks. Let’s do this!

1. Falling

Don’t stop, no, I’ll never give up
And I’ll never look back, just hold your head up

A song about not giving up and if you fall down, well fuck it, just fall down then.

What I Think About It: It’s up there in my favorite songs of all time list. It’s that good! Also, I cannot not lip sync and dance along with this every time I hear this. I can be in line paying for my groceries and I would freaking dance while I count my change if this comes on.

Listen To This When: I don’t drive but I would imagine this would be a really great song to drive to in an empty highway while the wind is blowing your hair.

2. Forever

Forever we tried to make it right,
But together we saw the end in sight

A song about making a Hail Mary attempt to make an old love work when it’s no longer working but you just can’t give up because it’s supposed to be “forever”.

What I Think About It: First of all the music video for this is pretty dope. The home video aspect of it made me think that this was a song to their hometown, where they tried to kick start their career but had to move on to the bigger city. Am I thinking too much into this?!

Listen To This When: You have a love hate relationship with anyone or anything. Like how bacon vodka is just the best thing to drunkenly consume but at the same gives you the cruelest hang over the next day.

3. The Wire

I know it’s hard to hear me say it but I can’t bear to stay and
I just know I know I know I know that you’re gonna be OK anyway

A song about breaking up with someone you have to be overly gentle with because they’re “nice” except you don’t want to be with them anymore.

What I Think About It: Now it’s easier to break up nicely with someone. Just play them this song and hope that they get the message.

Listen To This When: You’re psyching yourself for a break up. You know you need to do it.

4. If I Could Change Your Mind

But if I was to say I’ll forget it
Would it mean a thing?

A song about convincing someone not to break up with you, that you’re perfect together, and asking what you can do to make it just last a little bit longer.

What I Think About It: This is why you need to listen to albums and not just download singles. People miss out in awesome story telling like this – how a break up song is followed up by a let’s not break up song.

Listen To This When: You’re trying to say you’re sorry but you just can’t seem to get the words out. Just play them this song, cook him/her up a fancy dinner, awkwardly strip dance and cross your fingers it works.

5. Honey & I

A song about someone and her honey and how they’re okay with just being together as a live in couple of 8 or so years and still not considering getting married despite…society.

What I Think About It: Where was this song when I was in a live in type of situation?!

Listen To This When: You’re in a family gathering and everyone is just out to get you with those “when are you getting married?” queries. Just sip your vodka soda and with class, just say, “Oh my honey and I? We’re doing just fine.” And walk away.

6. Don’t Save Me

Give it up, give it up to me
Cause I can’t go on
If your love isn’t strong

A song about not needing anyone’s pity love. Yeah, you don’t need it.

What I Think About It: This is a great song to cover and Years and Years just slammed dunk it.

Listen To This When: You just got through an awful break up and you’re ex is trying to get back together out of sheer boredom and you’re convincing yourself that is literally the last thing you need. You’d rather eat shards of glass than get back together.

You can just listen to this for the bass line alone. You can thank me later.

7. Days Are Gone

Sometimes I wish I didn´t miss you at all
Those days are gone

A song about finally getting rid of a bad habit or just a bad person in your life.

What I Think About This Song: This can be like a celebratory song for those people who have finally quit smoking for reals.

Listen To This When: You’re on the fence about quitting something or when you just got out of a bathroom after holding in a diarrhea moment. I mean c’mon, Felt like I was walking on a tight rope those days are gone. That can be a jingle for a laxative!

8. My Song 5

Now I´m not gonna hide it all, keep it all from you

A song about keeping it real, laying down the facts, giving the low down. No it’s not a rap song.

What I Think About The Song: Not my favorite but there’s always that one song you skip in an album. Especially the music video version kind of ruined the song. Just keeping it real guys! See what I did there?

Listen To This When: You are about to tell someone they’re being a bitch and that everyone in the building hates it when you watch Bollywood movies in full volume at 3′ o clock in the morning. Seriously

9. Go Slow

Cuz you took away all my young life.
And I hate who I’ve become from your heat now.

A song about popping your cherry with someone who is waaay more experienced than you are.

What I Think About It: Sexy time song. Awkward sexy time song. You know, like how it is in real life. Awkward and sweaty.

Listen To This When: You have a new beau and it’s about that time to take your relationship to “another level”.

10. Let Me Go

Let me go.
You know I’m not one for leaving.

A song about someone just waiting on someone to break up with them because they are too much of a pussy to do it themselves.

What I Think About It: I never realized how much of a break up album this is until this song. Which is not a bad thing. Not indeed.

Listen To This When: You want to walk away from another season of binge watching FRIENDS. You’re just praying for the power to get cut because you’re too weak/lazy to shut it off and get out of your pajamas.

11. Running If You Call My Name

I’ll keep running if you come my way
When you come my way

A song about avoiding your stalker.

What I Think About It: I feel like doning a silk dress, stare out my window, and just let the wind blow my hair as I think about mortality while this song is playing.

Listen To This When: You’re having a sesh with your therapist and looking back at something that happened a long time ago that may or may not have scarred you for life. Fun times!

The deluxe edition includes more tracks which are just remixes of the songs from this track list which is not as exciting as you thought it would be, especially for a deluxe album. But over all, this is a really really good first album for an upcoming band like Haim. It’s definitely worth the listen and it caters to everyone’s music taste I think.

So if you’ve never heard of Haim or you just need a fresh new sound and you like guitar riffs and awesome vocals in your playlist, then this album is a must.

Do you listen to Haim? What are your favorite tracks from the album? How much do you want to grow out your hair like the Haim girls? Let me know in the comments!



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