#FollowFridays – The Beauty and Fashion Edit


I am not the girliest of girls. Write that as the understatement of the year. But despite my complete ineptitude in all things girly, I really like girl stuff (but not exclusive to girls) like make up and fashion, especially skin care. There is just something so addictive about watching beauty gurus on YouTube talk about stuff that you just don’t have the disposable income for. Besides YouTube, I get my fill of all things beauty here on WordPress.

A few days ago I sent out this post to the world to let the beauty and fashion bloggers of WP know that I am hunting them. Not to harm them of course but to feature them in my Follow Fridays post. A lot of bloggers responded, some I’ve already been following, some new and I have instantly fallen in love with. So if you like beauty, lifestyle, fashion or anything else girly (or non girly) posts, then maybe you should check the following blogs out.

Stained Vanity

This blog has it all, Product Reviews, DIY’s, Fashion news and sometimes, cookie recipes! The thing I really liked about this blog is that Urjasi features a lot of drug store products in her reviews. Her posts are on point and pretty much what you see is what you get kind of vibe, in a good way.

DIY Body Butter! taken from: stainedvanity.wordpress.com

I suggest this post: Urjasi’s Top 10 Drugstore Mascaras blog post made me consider actually using mascara.

P.S. Penelope

A fairly new blog I guess because there are only a few posts. Just in time for you to fall in love with Penelope’s OOTD pictures which are just… Let’s just say I wish I was that cool at what 14-15? Penelope, teach me your ways!

taken from: pspenelope.wordpress.com

I suggest this post: Penelope’s “Uptown Funk” Thanksgiving OOTD post which features the cutest baby blue sandals I’ve ever seen.

And On That Note She Wrote

Kim is a “typically British” beauty and lifestyle blogger. Other than make up and fashion posts, Kim talks about her life in Britain, how she deals with her skin issues and just being your best positive self. And if that’s not enough for you to give her a follow, Kim has an adorable brown pup that just melts my robot heart.

I mean just look at this baby!

taken from: andonthatnoteshewrote.com

I suggest this post: Kim shares her must have skin care products for acne prone skin that we can all learn from.

Polished by Amy

When I said I’m not a girly girl, I wasn’t trying to be cute. In fact, if you take a look at my unmanicured short stubby nails then you would probably be convinced. Maybe too convinced. So it’s a surprise that I was drawn into a nail artist’s blog. Oh I’m sorry, a licensed nail technician (fancaay!). Maybe it’s the cool nail tutorials. Maybe it’s Amy’s Southern Charm. Who knows?! Besides all things nails, Amy also blogs about her views on skin care, OOTD’s and she has a YouTube channel too!

I suggest this post: Amy’s video on Nail Art 101 makes me think that I can actually do it.

Style Over Coffee

Sarmistha is a passionate fashion blogger from India. She features some of the dopest clothing combinations that I think I can also pull off! Sometimes you think a certain pattern or a certain color won’t work with another but Sarmistha tells you “I’ll make it work!” ala Tim Gunn.

taken from: styleovercoffee.com

I suggest this post: The blog’s round up of Sarmistha’s favorite outfits of 2014 which makes me consider buying a jumpsuit.

Very Bangled

Before following Very Bangled I never realized how pretty bangles are. Margaret does a great job of tying in her bangle combinations with a certain theme of her day to day life as a store owner in San Francisco. You don’t even have to share Margaret’s obsession of bangles to start following her. If you like adorable humans then she’s it!

I suggest this post: Not to sound completely biased (Margaret is sort of my blog mom) but there are a lot of LOL posts – seriously, Margaret can be a little crazy –  but you can start with this one.

A Jar of Dreams

I’m keeping it in the blog family. I would be remiss if I make a beauty Follow Friday and not feature my twin Cee. Her love for anime is what initially brought us together (I make it sound so cheesey) but she can put up a beauty related post that just makes me wish she posts more regularly. If you’re subscribed to Birchbox, or considering subscribing for this type of service then you need to follow Cee because she doesn’t hold back in any of her reviews.

taken from: ajarofdreams.wordpress.com

I suggest this post: Being a newbie at this whole make up game, Cee comes to my rescue with this Make Up Starter Kit post.

WordPress has a buttload of great beauty blogs, but in the interest of keeping this short and readable (don’t even deny that short attention span!) I’m going to make a part 2 for beauty Follow Fridays in the coming weeks. So if you’re a beauty blogger that I haven’t featured yet, don’t fret, you can like this post and I can check your blog so I can tell the rest of WordPress about it.

Talking about beauty stuff just validates my femininity even if I am slouching in my dirty sweats. Tell me in the comments what makes you beautiful? A dark red lipstick? A magic elixir? Tell me all your secrets!

Till then, stay gorgeous.

Blogging to the music of Maroon Five’s It Was Always You



  1. oh thankyou so much sweetie that’s lovely!
    Look at my lovely little poppy-dog, almost makes me forget she ate my shoes earlier! haha.
    Definitely going to check out the other blogs you’ve posted, fab idea and fab post. xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. If possible just WordPress sies as I am trying to broaden my Reader Roll. But any great beauty site you would recommend is ok with me.

        And maybe recommend a good tea as well? 🙂


  2. Adorable?!?! Who paid you to say such nice things about me???? I love you mucho. Thank you for being my friend and blog daughter. You and Cee both. And good choice to link the boobs post. That one is the boobiest.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thanks for listing me even though I’m the most bootleg beauty blogger on there! What makes me beautiful …I’ll say burgers & beer. They make my stomach beautiful. Not from the outside, just from the inside.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks a million for the feature! I am absolutely delighted to see something so beautifully written about me!! I seriously didn’t know I was that good!! 😉 Muaaahhh!!…you are a darling! I am going to check out all the blogs you have featured now 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very much welcome. Your blog deserved the shout out. Keep doing what you do because what you do is great. Please do check them out, and if you have any other blogs that you like maybe you can recommend them to me too. I’m glad you liked this post.


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