Thoughts on Turtlenecks and Breasts


I’m wearing a turtleneck today and man is it the most annoying clothing in the world. I have not found a reason to wear a thong or a g-string but turtlenecks are the thongs of collars. Am I right?! Geez! I look cute but I feel like I’m being choke hold by a baby!

On another note, I know my breasts are in a bad angle in that photo but I guess breasts have their good days and bad days too. What men don’t know is that the aesthetic of a lady’s breast depends on the support or the bra as we call it. I mean you can own a pair of boobs that can stunt double for Kate Winslet but if your bra is a padless wireless non-supporting piece of cloth then…well it can still stunt double Kate Winslet’s I guess.

Another thing that some men may be oblivious about is that bras are a huge pain in the butt! It’s basically a turtleneck collar for breasts in terms of uncomfortable. And no we can’t go braless or else we would have, so stop suggesting!



  1. Wearing a turtleneck makes you feel like you’re being strangled by a really weak guy. A turtleneck with a backpack makes you feel like a weak midget is trying to take you down!


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