Thoughts on Stress and Naked Pizza Eating

I was feeling rotten yesterday. Like the absolute worst. I was so down that I did not even bother to turn my computer on. My parents instantly knew that something was wrong.

I hate feeling down. Especially when it’s the kind of sad you can’t really cry about. It’s just that you’re sad and you have somehow given up on life. It’s like a fart you’ve been holding for too long that by the time you’re okay to set it loose the fart  won’t let go and instead of trying to let the fart out you just raise your hands in surrender and yell “fuck it!”

I hate feeling down so I did remedy myself (not in that way you pervs!) By stripping down to my undies and eat pizza and watch Chelse Peretti’s stand up then I took the longest nap known to man.

If you have never tried eating pizza naked, I suggest you try it because nothing says “I’m a freaking adult!” and “I have given up on life!” Than wiping pizza grease in your underwear. 

Ok sorry for that mental image.

Hope this made you feel better if ever you’re feeling down.



  1. I have never read a comparison of depression to farts before. See? There’s a big reason for you to feel proud of yourself, you have exposed probably a bunch of us to a brand new, more farty, perspective!

    Also that Chelsea Peretti standup special is in SF! At the Palace of Fine Arts! Where I used to drink at when I was a teenager! And she went to a school across the bay that we used to play in sports! I think that means you and I are just two degrees away from her.

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  2. Oh blog mom! You just know how to make me feel better. I’m glad I have shed some light on the whole fart issue. Not a lot of people have been this brave. Haha. For real. Thanks for the comment!

    Have you watched a stand up live before? One of my goals this year is to visit Cee in NYC. Hopefully we can wrangle some money to visit your store in SF? I’m waiting for that bottle of wine and some free soap and bangles maybe. Hehe.


  3. Haha, I think you might need some perspective on the distance between SF and NY 🙂

    And yeah! I’ve seen standup before. I went to high school with Ali Wong and one of her gigs Hannibal Buress opened for her. Another super funny guy we saw in person was Kamau Bell. All three I recommend.


    1. I think I have a fair idea of the distance. But I want to see all of the America’s! Mostly New York and California and Texas. Oh and Boston too!

      What?! I’m so jealous you got to see Hannibal perform live! That’s mostly why I want to go to NY is to go to all of the stand up clubs. Hannibal is in my top 5 stand ups right now.

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