Thoughts on RayBans, Spell Check and Sexy Hozier

I haven’t done this type of post in a long time. I’m currently sitting in the back seat of a car. And these are my thoughts as my hand helding cellphone using driver wades through Sunday morning Bahrain traffic.

– Almost everyone looks good in RayBans.
– I should invest in a paur of RayBans.
– Can my nose hold up a pair of RayBans?
– Is RayBan spelled out as RayBan? Note to self: Must Google later.
– I have a growing crush on Hozier and I should make a post about his album.
– Is it too late for me to learn how to drive?
– Liam Neeson learned how to drive later in his life and he turned out to be a bigger action star in his 40’s.
– Liam is such a dad it’s so hard to like him sexually.
– Why is the word “sexually” not available in android spell check?
– Sexually ← just double checked and I was wrong the first time. 
– My favorite Hozier song is on now. I should stop this now.

Blogging to the Music of Hozier’s Like Real People Do


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