It’s time to make time to renovate this blog. I figured I should get rid of all the excess categories I have because let’s face it, I might not do another Dear Dora post. Or any other posts that I have dedicated a category to.

It’s time. It’s time to take this blog a little seriously.  Why? Because it is a testament to how much I take my own life seriously. 

I know it’s a stretch to take this blog seriously when all I talk about are tv shows or movies or music or lifestyle choices.  But these things are important to me, or else I wouldn’t be talking about them, and this will sound corny as hell but it is also the make up of who I am as a person. Scary, I know. That I am a mere by product of shows or movies or whatever bullshit we pretend is relevant. I am truthful that I am influenced by Attack On Titan people!

So yeah. This blog will go through some changes.


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