#FollowFridays – All About The Books Edit

It’s no secret that I love books. Books have been my constant friend through the awkward years. Books, unlike people will never let you down. Well some have, but I’m very forgiving.

The internet is a home to a buttload of amazing book blogs and a lot of them take residence here on WordPress. So let me take you the book blogs that I am loving and following.

Sorry Television

Sorry Television has it all. A great blog title, a great layout and a diverse range of books from every genre. What more can you ask for in a book blog? Ummm, a sassy and honest review of a book? It’s there! A comical wordplay on words? It’s got it! The blog does not need the endorsing because of it’s 14,750 followers but I would regret not letting you guys now how much I love this blog! If I sound jealous it’s because I am! The blog promises a book a week and there is something for everyone.

I suggest this post: The blogs review of Scott McClanahan’s The Collected Works Vol. 1 made me aware of Scott McClanahan and made me want to be Scott McClanahan.


Not an exclusive book blog but Geekritique makes awesome reviews of High Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Comic books, a genre that a lot of readers are daunted by. Fantasy and Sci-Fi can be easily bypassed. What with the complicated story line, the vast amount of characters (I’m looking at you R.R. Martin!) and not to mention the thickness of it! What the Geekritique does, in my personal opinion, is to be honest and also lay a groundwork for interest. The blog also has Movie Reviews and TV reviews if books aren’t your only thing. Geekritique is also very prompt in answering any of your geeky questions. Trust me, I have geeked out/creeped on his blog more than a few times.

I suggest this post: A review of John Scalzi‘s Sci-Fi novel Lock In made me want to drop everything and pick up this one.


Emma of bluchickenninja.com has great reviews of Y.A books. Don’t be fooled by this 22-year-old (according to her bio) because she also includes adult books in her reading list. She also makes charming YouTube videos that shows you around her home country of UK a.k.a my favorite country that I haven’t even been to.

I suggest this post: Emma shows us that she is exactly like any other reader struggling to work her way through her ever increasing to-be-read pile. The struggle is real.


If you like contemporary and Y.A this is the blog to follow. The blog has short but sweet reviews of books that I myself have been thinking of reading. Of course the blog also ventures to other genres but it’s mostly contemporary which some readers snob. What gives? Contemporary is fun! Krystal especially knows what’s up when she says, “You can’t buy HAPPINESS, but you can buy BOOKS and that’s kind of the same thing.”

I suggest this post: A review of Rainbow Rowell‘s Fangirl. You don’t have to be a fan of Harry Potter (I’m pretty sure that’s a crime) or a “fangirl” to read this.

Book of Words

A self confessed consumer of electronic books, which I’m a big fan of, Book of Words also includes a healthy mix of genres. What especially drew me to this blog are the reviews of non-fiction books, a genre that I am struggling to read more on, which is conveniently placed in it’s own category. I love very clean blogs where it’s just easy to read everythig. So kudos! to Seejy of Book of Words for doing just that.

I suggest this post: A book review of Christopher McDougall‘s Born To Run made me want to get off my ass, whip out my running shoes and try to run a mile.

Romance Novels for the Beach

I’m no romantic and I don’t frequent the beach but I know a lot of you guys out there do. Romance Novels for the Beach is a straight forward blog about romantic books that, ideally, you can bring and read while sun bathing in the glorious sun in the beach. And because one of my 2015 resolutions is to try more new things, this blog recommends a lot of adult (some very adult) romantic reads with (some) NSFW book cover that maybe I should try and read. It’s best to whip out your ebook readers with this one because it’s kind of awkward having to hold up a book with half naked man on the cover.

I suggest this post: A book review of Christina George‘s The Publicist. The post starts with this sentence: Attention to all of you authors out there who are hoping to one day have your work published: you should probably read this book. How can you not read the rest of that?!

So that rounds up my Follow Fridays post for this week. I know there are a lot more book related blogs to follow so please let me know in the comments!

If you want your blog to be featured on a Follow Friday post – because why not – just simply like any of my post or follow my blog (no pressure) so I can check out yours!

Attention to all Beauty Bloggers next Friday’s post will be dedicated to all things beauty/make up.

Till then, keep reading humans!

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    1. When I was in JHS, my local public library almost charged me a bit over $100 because a book I borrowed (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) was two weeks late. They also charged me for the little white card that they stamp expiration dates on; I used it as a bookmark and had lost it. I was panicking because I got like what, $10 a week in allowance money? Finally a manager put a stop to all the craziness and I only had to pay about $2. But that was enough to make me swear off libraries for life.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Aww thanks! I like to believe my blog is a big deal (but it’s just me ranting mostly). I think you’re on a similar track, looking around lol. Keep up the good work!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Yeah, I should probably specify that e-readers are a must for the majority of the books I recommend. Unless people really don’t care if others see the book they’re carrying around. I know I’m not confident enough to do that!


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