I don’t take pictures. And if I do, my face automatically goes for a “wacky” exasperated look. It’s like a form of defense mechanism that my own face developed as a result of taking bad pictures all my life.
So selfies are a rarity for me. It’s not that I hate my face. I just don’t know how to take a good picture. It’s like I look in the mirror and I think I look great. Then I do the same pose on camera and I look horrendous. What gives technology??!
Today was an ok day for my face and I managed to take some pictures without looking like a complete idiot. That’s up for debate but I think I look quite…nice.


This is me smiling despite the fact I haven't brushed ny hair in days


This is me trying to be artsy


This is me showing off ny amateur skills at eye make up

2015 is all about being brave and doing new things for me. And this has been my brave attempt to tell you that I look really ok on some days.

If you want to see more of my brave attempts at taking selfies or any crappy picture, you can creep me on Instagram @dorascrap. Let me know if you’re from here (WordPress) so I can follow back!

Till then stay brave humans!



    1. Seem’s like both of you are afraid of taking Selfies. Here’s some advice, download Snapchat, add a few friends and just snap them silly faces. You’ll get accustomed to taking them in no time. Plus the snap disappears after a set time, so they can only view your snap for a lil bit.

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