Becoming A Woman

Tina Fey said in an interview (in relation to her leaving SNL after 9 years), “In life, you don’t get to choose these transitions” or something in that sense. I was having a hard time remembering what she exactly said. But the gist of all of is, you just know when it’s time for a change. No one tells you when. You just know. And then it’s completely up to you to actually make the change happen.

I would have never thought that I would reach a certain age in my life and would talk about wanting to be a vegetarian unironically. Or recommend a boy band pop album to people. And I would have never thought that I would love make up.

I knew that the day would come, eventually. But I never thought that I would enjoy it as much as I do. I am still wack at it and I could not apply eyeliner to save a life, but I whole heartedly enjoy it.

Maybe the boy band pop album was a drawback to this becoming a woman thing (have you seen those boys/men?? They make me mad thirsty!) but it also means I’m not a complete snob when it comes to music like I used to.

I am changing. I am getting older. And I unironically like it.

Blogging to the Music of: Boys/Men (One Direction)’s Girl Almighty



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