This Is The Show You Should Be Working Out To

After much bullying from all the year end list that I’ve seen the previous month, I finally got around to watching How To Get Away With Murder. I’ve never seen an episode of Pretty Little Liars (and I’ll probably never will – but also never say never) but the opening (or actually the entirety) has this very PLL vibe. Maybe it’s the murder plot – that I’m assuming has this really big “twist”.

How To Get Away With Murder stars some huge stars (Viola Davis) and some huge stars in the making (Alfred Enoch). It’s described to be a serial legal drama that revolves around a murder(?). To be frank, I’ve only seen one episode (the pilot) which already includes a murder or THE murder. Whatever! Here’s the thing I liked about this show.

This is the (one of) perfect show to do your exercise with! Ideally on a treadmill or an elliptical or like the one I got a stationary bike. How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) has all this upbeat synthpop techno music. There are these scenes where it’s just narrative with a lot of Viola Davis intently staring at someone and showing off her fantastic eye make up backed by club music but not intense 3 am black out drunk club music that is really good to get your heart rate up. And as the scenes get intense with a lot of Viola Davis mouthing off a lot of lawyer jargon and “discrediting the witness” you go faster as the techno beat gets faster too. It feels like your heart rate is mimicking the heart rate of the questioned witness! Then you slow down to a normal rhythm when Viola Davis lets the beat drop (with class) with a “No further questions your honor” and everyone is just looking at Viola like, “how did she do that??!!”. And that’s exactly what you tell yourself, “How did I just watch a serial murder show and burn 50 calories?”

If you’ve never exercised to a TV show before then I’m guessing you’ve never been to an actual gym. But you can create that experience by working out with HTGAWM. Spolier alert: There are a lot of gay scenes. You’ve been forewarned people who have children!

What other shows should I watch while exercising? Let me know?

Till then, stay alive humans!

Blogging to the Music of: The silence of my office at 8:38 am.



  1. At my old gym, they would always put on documentaries and news about sex predators, rapists, and murderers. I ran pretty fast to those shows, and less fast with shows like Catfish (one of my favorites to watch while working out). The problem is, I usually exercised around 9 or 10pm after class, so the trip home from the gym to my apartment was always more intense than it needed to be.


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