The Purpose of Growing Up

As I get older the more things actually make sense. I used to put moisturizer because my mom makes me do it until it’s been the routine for so long that my face feels naked without it. Then I turn 27 and the whole purpose of moisturizing actually makes sense. It’s such a small trivial thing but it’s finally found it’s purpose after 20 odd years of doing it.

I think the more we get older the more the things that we do has to have a definite purpose before we actually do it. It feels like we spend too much time in thinking about the purpose than actually doing the deed. Is it because we don’t want to waste our time. But what does wasting time even mean?

Some people think that watching YouTube videos for 6 hours a day calculates as time wasted. Why would it be wasted time when I just spent 6 hours educating myself on what my make up starter kit should look like. Or how to poach an egg in 3 simple ways. And most importantly how to use cauliflower as a fettuccini alfredo sauce (it’s sooooo goood!!). So no mom! It’s not wasted time.

My goal in life is to grow old graciously. Moisturize and get away with good looking skin until I’m 40. Educate myself and be in the comforts of my pajamas while doing it. And to continue to find the purpose in my grown up life.

Stay awesome humans!

Blogging to the Music of: John Mulaney’s Stand Up Special New In Town



      1. Oh nooo! It’s so dry in New York now? When I lived there I hated that freezing outside then boiling hot inside winter situation. It was just awful to my skin. Have you tried any Argan oil? Pre de Provence makes a good one. It’s super concentrated, and you can def use it on your face. In any other circumstance I’d say “congrats on turning into a T Rex, that was one of my childhood dreams.” But super dry skin just sucks.

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      2. Mom I nominate Cee to be your other Blog Daughter. Haha. We have several pictures that we look alike and we both loove burgers so were convinced were twins in a different lifetime. Haha. Go ahead and warn Dad. 😀

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      3. It’s definitely dry and cold, it sucks! I want some of that Cali sunshine – you guys actually have sunshine smoothies, right? I haven’t tried Argan oil just because I typically have a very oily T-zone. I know people say that oily faces can benefit from Argan oil as well, but I’ve just been afraid. However, this is the first time my skin has been freaking out so bad from the dryness so I think I might go ahead and give it a shot. Pre de Provence doesn’t make $70 bottles, do they?

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      4. I think it’s closer to $40… Or it should be at least. And yes, I got a months worth of sunshine right now. I did wear my ankle length poof coat outside to walk the dogs tho because it is about 50 degrees right now. Basically freezing.

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      5. That’s where you grew up, right? I lived there just long enough to get my degree then I hi-tailed it out, because it was too much of a culture shock for me. My little brother lives there now though and he takes to NY much better than I did.

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      6. Yep, I grew up here and I’m still here! I went upstate for school in ‘cuse and it’s worse there. According to the weather app on my phone, they are experiencing 5 degree weather. I definitely don’t miss the single-digit life. I can’t wait to move to a place that never sees snow!

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      7. Ughhhhhhh, single digit? I would die. The best thing about California is our decent weather, and if you miss the snow? Just drive 3 hours to the mountains and voilà! Snow. That you can leave whenever you like.


      8. I hear you in the very oily T-zone. But I use almond oil to remove make up. I can’t find any Argan Oil here. But I think Pre de Provence is available in some drugstores here. Man, I can’t wait to raid American drugstores.

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