Cutting Out Meat (For A While)

Is one of your resolutions eat healthier? Or at least try to? It’s not part of mine but since New Year’s I’ve been eating meat non-stop and it’s all I’ve been eating and it’s making me feel full but not in a good way. Maybe the word is “stuffed”.  That’s the consequence of hosting a New Year’s party. You get tons of leftovers that you’ll just have to keep bringing to work and hopefully have your office mates eat for you.

Ever since I’ve seen this post from BuzzFeed, I’ve been craving poached eggs. Which is a weird thing to crave because I’ve never eaten poached eggs before and I’ve never cooked my eggs poached ever. So naturally, I seek help from YouTube as to how to cook poached eggs and it looks really easy, or at least Jamie Oliver makes it look easy. I like eggs, especially with a runny yolk. And the idea of poached eggs on top of toast with hot sauce….yums!

Then I saw her face and I'm a believer!

Then I saw her face and I’m a believer!

Other vegetarian/vegan dishes I’m going to try and replicate – and the key word here is “try” – is this and this and this.

I am most excited for the curry. Other than the fact that it’s cooked very easily and not too much gadgetry involved, I love curry. Curry is like one of those things you think you’re going to hate – or at least I do because I don’t like spicy stuff that much – but end up really loving. So I’m really excited for this one.

What vegetarian dish do you love the most that a cooking novice like me can try to replicate and munch on? What vegetarian/vegan/cooking blogs should I be following here on WordPress? Please let me know! I’d love to check your blogs!

Till, then, stay awesome humans!

Blogging to the music of: Cavaliers – Adam Richman Makes His Favourite Sandwich



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