Things I Learned From Watching The Great British Bake Off

–  I am a lot more affected by reality shows that I actually care to admit.

– I have strong affinities to charming 17-year-old girls. And will cry for them when they get kicked off a bake off contest.

you’re still my favorite love

– I am very attracted to heavily bearded men with a Belfast accent who melts down (that’s a pun you’ll only get if you watched the damn show!) over a Baked Alaska. Ian you gorgeous idiot.


– I know I’m no baking expert but I finally learned to proper name for this lot.

– Entremets. You can’t get any fancier than freaking entremets!

– Baking is really really hard!

– Mary Berry is a national treasure.

Can I have you as my grandma please?

– There is no bleeping at all in British TV. Man, those Brits can really control their filthy language level.

– Everything tastes good with tea.

– The Great British Bake Off is a really good show. I’m hooked.


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