Waiting On 2015 To Do Something

I haven’t been posting a lot lately. To be completely honest, I haven’t been doing anything at all lately. I’m just in what people call a schlump (<– is that how it’s spelled?).

It seems like my brain has gone to this mode of “waiting on the New Year to actually do something or else it does not count”. Any of you guys feel that? You lie to yourself that the last weeks of December should be all about uninhibiting yourself from all your diet restrictions because you are going to pick it back up again, stronger than ever, come January. Like our body even responds to make believe resolutions *rolls eyes*.

Sorry, I don’t mean to judge because that is what I tell myself. Last night, I started watching The Great British Bake off and because it made me so bloody hungry, I decided to not eat and do a Jillian Michaels workout. Hold your applause because I immediately gave up after 8 minutes of dry heaving. That Jillian Michaels. She says things like “last 2 guys!” and “you can do it!” and it feels so fake and empty like my resolutions.

For a person who harps on resolutions so much I still have mine for 2015. And if reading on someone’s life is your thing (ya creeps!) then watch out for my 2015 blog where I write everyday and try to make my life seemingly interesting.

What are your resolutions this coming 2015 and how many of them do you intend to keep?

As always, stay awesome you filthy animals!


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