I Finally Watched The Great British Bake Off!


I know, I know, a little bit late in the whole British bandwagon but this show just merges all of my favorites in one how can I resist!

First you have your sassy hosts. A baker/judge (and apparently England’s national treasure) named Mary Berry – I just can’t with that name. Then, you have all of these Brits talking in their different accents that I am just a major sucker for. Top it all of with some good ass baking. I mean wow! No wonder this show is so well loved. Well done England!

I am nuts over cooking shows, but when it has the atmosphere of rainy England and bleating goats and contestants who are builders and carpenters with a bee farm in their backyards, I mean, how can you not watch this.

I’m sorry England for taking this long, but I am in! Damn it this is a good show!



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