My Nightmare Before Christmas


In true Tim Burton fashion, Tim announces her separation with Helena Bonham-Carter around the holidays. What is up with that? It will forever be immortalized in their children’s mental calendars that mummy and daddy separated during Christmas. Maybe even before that, but c’mon!

You know that saying, “It’s an end of an era!” It really does feel like it’s an end to an era. And it’s not just the movies, it’s just knowing that Time and Helena are a couple makes me believe that there is love in the world, the kind of love I get. Am I being weird? That’s Burton for you?

Now let’s all wait for another Depp-Bonham-Burton team up (for the fans) one last time.



    1. I don’t think so. They are still “friends” and co-parents so maybe that also means they can still work together. I just remembered watching Helena’s interview about how she first met Tim and it was so cute and weird. And gah!

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