A Very Merry Christmas

My parents are laying down side by side, watching some God awful Filipino drama show, while doing crunches. I would have taken a picture but some images are just better off commiting to mental memory.
Growing up, my parents are like any other couple working in a low income job in a foreign country. They were frustrated.
Three kids. One about to go to college. One about to go to high school. And one still wearing diapers and drinking high class milk formula that’s supposed to enhance his mental capacity. Now I know why they shouted so much. Why leaving a used glass by the sink unwashed pissed them off. Being an adult, working in a job you think of quitting everyday, that just makes you nuts.
There is something so satisfying, just watching them be a couple. Do mundane things like watching TV while trying to stay “healthy”. My parents make me believe that my future isn’t as bleak as I think it would be.
This is the image that I will, from now on, associate with Christmas.

Stay happy lovely humans.


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