Favorite Movies That I’ve Seen In 2014

If you’re a weirdo like me, you have an excel sheet of the movies you’ve seen throughout the year. Please don’t tell me I’m alone in this.

I had this vision of making a movie review blog but I decided against it because I am just terribly biased when it comes to movies. So I thought I’ll just leave it to the experts and a lot of them are here in WordPress! Check this and this for awesome movie review blogs that I really like.

I started my excel sheet in April of this year and so far my running tally is 142 movies from different years and of different genres. That’s not so crazy isn’t it? But to keep this favorites list short I decided to keep it to a top ten (again, in no particular order).

DISCLAIMER: The YouTube clips may spoil the movie for you so beware.

Top Ten Favorite Movies (that I’ve seen) in 2014! Let’s do this!

10. Celeste and Jesse Forever – 2012

I know a lot of you are rom-com snobs out there, and for good reason. A good romantic comedy is hard to pull off but Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones just make seeing this movie all worth it.

Andy and Rashida play a best friend turned husband and wife who are now struggling to get through their divorce. They parted ways thinking they can still survive their friendship which puts one of them in that awful place of wishful thinking that they can still revive their marriage.

09. Argo – 2013

I went on little bit of a Ben Affleck phase this year, especially with the news of him playing as the next Batman. I was not a big Affleck fan (ahem Daredevil ahem) but I was after this.

Based on a true story, Affleck plays an exfiltration specialist who was asked to take out 6 US Embassy staffs in hiding who narrowly escaped a kidnapping by Iranian activists. In order to safely get them back to the US, they had to play as a movie crew who are in Iran to do some screen tests. Gripping, fast paced and will just make you panic and scream like a good movie should.

08. Pride and Prejudice – 2005

I know Jane Austen fans prefer the British TV miniseries and yes Colin Firth is the ultimate Mr. Darcy, but this Joe Wright movie adaptation is good as well.

Yes, the movie did leave out a lot of the loved parts of the book, but I did like the fact that the movie centered around Lizzie and Darcy’s romance and not Jane and Bingley’s. You’ve never known love until you’ve heard Mr. Darcy calls Lizzie Mrs. Darcy.

07.  Edge of Tomorrow – 2014

I watched very few new releases this year but this is one of the few that I can’t miss out on.

Set in futuristic Europe, the world is invaded by highly intelligent aliens who are set in eradicating the human race. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt plays the two soldiers who are humanity’s last hope.

06. Miracle in Cell No. 7 – 2007

Don’t be fooled by this movie’s cutesy poster. This movie made me ugly cry. Snot coming out, howling, the whole bit.

Miracle in Cell No. 7 is a South Korean film about a man wrongfully accused of murder and how his cellmates helped sneak his sassy daughter in. Hilarity ensues as this group of jailed criminals struggles to keep the kid a secret from their strict warden.

05. Dead Poets Society – 1989

The news of Robin Williams passing this year has been one of  the saddest moments for Hollywood. Not only did we lose a great actor/comedian but how he died has been the biggest shock for everybody.

In this movie, Robin plays an English teacher at a posh prep school for boys. He is well loved by his students because of his unorthodox ways that got him in trouble in the end. A young and shy Ethan Hawke captures how a boy is inspired by his friends and by a teacher who really cares.

04. Snowpiercer – 2013

Chris Evans, with his rise as Captain America has elevated him from his rom-com fails to a serious actor. Other than a rock hard body, Chris Evans (because how can you not say his full name) gained a following because of his acting chops. If Captain America did not convince you of that, then watch Snowpiercer.

In a dystopian future, the only living survivors of the human race are on board the Snowpiercer. A massive train that has a class system, with the elites in the front -enjoying the luxuries of proper food and sanitation (and drugs!) – and the poor people in the tail – surviving of jelly “protein” bars. Chris Evans’ character leads a rebellion to take the elites out and have the fed up poor people take over the train.

03. This Is Where I Leave You – 2014

I’ve tooted my love for Tina Fey in this blog too many times, so how can I leave out one of her movies this year. Tina Fey’s greatness aside, this movie shines because of the honesty of the story and killer performances of Jason Bateman, Jane Fonda, Corrie Stoll, Adam Driver, Rose Byrne, Connie Briton, Kathyrn Hahn, Timothy Olyphant, Ben Schwartz, damn it! the entire cast was great ok?!

Jane Fonda plays the recently widowed and mother of four dysfunctional adults (Stoll, Fey, Bateman and Driver). To grant their deceased father’s last wish, the four children had to sit shiva which in Jewish customs means sitting and be together for a week. With everyone dealing with their own failed lives the four children struggled to act normal to grieve for the loss of their distant father. One was dealing with repeated failures of impregnating his wife, one is dealing with a sinking marriage, one is going through a divorce and one is just trying to be more grown up. Full of family drama and comedy banter that we have come to expect from the likes of Bateman and Fey.

02. Gone Baby Gone – 2007

Remember when I said I went a little bit Affleck crazy this year? I was not exaggerating. Making his feature length directorial debut, Affleck made a better name for himself than just by bagging two famous Jennifer’s. But this movie stars his kid brother Casey Affleck which in my eyes can do no wrong.

Casey Affleck plays a private detective with his girlfriend Michelle Monaghan as his partner. They were hired by a devastated family who is looking for a missing little girl. Affleck discovers that the kid’s mother is involved with a drug lord and used it as the lead to solving the disappearance of the little girl. What he found out tested his beliefs and the meaning of “doing the right thing”.

01. Boyhood – 2014

If I had to pick a favorite movie that I watched this year it would have to be Richard Linklater’s masterpiece, Boyhood. A movie shot in a span of 12 years, it chronicles the life and growth of a boy and the people around him.

I won’t even go through the details of this movie because it’s best if you go in it blind. It is long though, about 3 hours, so watch it in your leisure. Don’t have it playing in the background because the acting is really superb.


So that’s it for my top ten movies I’ve seen this year list. Do you agree with my list? Are there any movies in 2014 that I missed out on? I know I did not include any Marvel in my list, but those don’t really need any more advertising now do they. Let me know in the comments if you think Boyhood is the best movie of 2014. Until then stay alive humans!




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