Excuse me if this post will read like an idiot wrote it. It’s because I am still coming down from a high after listening to the first episode of Serial. If you’ve not heard of Serial I will forgive you but here’s what you should know.

Serial is a highly acclaimed podcast (chartered no.1 on iTunes) hosted by Sarah Koenig (a radio personality) where she explores a non-fiction story spread into multiple episodes. Currently, there are 12 episodes and each episode runs an hour long. I won’t go into details as to what this non-fiction story is about because it kinda ruins the whole experience.

As the name suggests Serial runs into a series, so it’s essential for to you start from Episode 1. Unlike most podcasts, I find myself sitting down and actually listen and not just have it playing in the background. The story is gripping and it makes you asks questions. So definitely not a light listen.  It’s a documentary in an audio format if you will.

If you’re asking why am I tooting the horn of this podcast after one episode listen, it’s because of two things. Sarah Koenig’s voice is calming yet entertaining as hell! She can read her grocery list to me and I would listen to it on repeat. And two, the story is interesting! Like House of Cards interesting! The story that began in episode 1 continues on to episode 2 and I feel it will be the same for the rest of the episodes. So one story per season.

I don’t know if the word interesting cuts it. It’s definitely something else and I see why people fuss over this podcast.

Have you been listening to Serial? How much do you love/loathe it? Let me know in the comments! Let’s fangirl/boy together!


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