Here’s An Idea

Here’s the idea. I want to dedicate a full year of blogging my everyday. Granted I don’t have the most exciting day to day life but sometimes, or if you’re me, most of the time, you forget the little things that actually make living worthwhile.

Does that sound grim? But it’s the bitter truth isn’t it? Not to get all existential here, what I really want is to actually remember what happens in my life. What thoughts have I been having? What problems have I been facing? What things have I been loving? You get the idea.

Sure I can spare the internet the mundane recount of my everyday, but I have the internet on my phone. And who knows who will get the laugh out of my everyday. Who knows who will feel better when I wrote, I just took a huge dump in someone else’s house and the flush won’t work! #sendhelp

The chances of that happening is 0% because I am a lady and I don’t go outside the parameters of my house anyway. But you get the idea. Hopefully.

So everyday, for 2015 I will release a post at the same time everyday or night, whichever works. And if that’s something you can get on board with or for some reason opposed to, well, there’s nothing you can do about it really. Haha! I mean what I really mean is that sunny side up egg and cheese sandwiches are the best. And that’s the type of blog post gold you’ll come to expect in 2015.

Stay cool – or when you’re in a place that’s snowing – stay warm humans.



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