My Favorite Music Of 2014

A lot of great music was released this year. Some by new artists and some by old favorites of mine. To make my favorites list less crazy, I decided to stick to 2014 releases and narrow it down to ten. The list is in no particular order – well except for the one in no. 1 – so don’t shed any tears if your personal favorite is not higher on the list.

Top Ten Favorite Music of 2014. Let’s do this!

10. ChandelierSia

09. Take Me To ChurchHozier

08. West CoastLana del Rey

07. I Wanna Get BetterBleachers

06. Out Of The WoodsTaylor Swift

05. New BitchIggy Azalea

04. Sing Ed Sheeran

03. Two Weeks FKA Twigs

02. Yellow Flicker BeatLorde

01. Digital WitnessSt. Vincent

After making this list, I realized how few new music I actually listened to this year. I can’t believe it and checked my player and they were full of podcast episodes and comedy albums. So that may be one reason why I struggled with this list. Also I can’t believe how this year just whooshed past. Some of the songs I loved were actually released in 2013 and not 2014. I was so close to just filling in this list with 1989 by Taylor Swift songs. So one resolution for next year is to discover more artists and be less of a music snob.

Let me know in the comments the songs you have loved, loving or loathed this year! How much do you agree with my list? What artist I should be listening to? Let me know!



  1. Yes to almost all of these.

    BTW started the marathon! Rick looks so damn British in that very very first scene walking towards the gas station. So much nuance that I didn’t pick up first time around.


    1. Almost? What else was in your 2014 mix! Let me know! Needs me some new music!

      So jealous! I have no time for anything else other than just work and random moments of staring into space, which is just the same thing actually.

      But yes, I still remember the very British, beardless Rick in season 1. And how insane is that walker girl RUNNING towards him. They’ve done a lot of changes to the Walkers since. And how cute is my Glenn in Season 1? Or are you not there yet?

      P.S. Season 1 Episode 3 – Tell It To The Frogs is my favorite episode of Season 1 ever. And yes, I have that memorized.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m now at episode 5. My deep insight so far is this: their clothes reflect who they are thru out. Like right now Carol is wearing total mom pants, Darryl’s got on some shitty white trash outfit, Glenn’s got his doofy baseball cap. You don’t notice the slow evolution of their clothes but now they all dress like bad asses, you know?

        And… I think they for narrative sake, so we wouldn’t hate Lori for flip flopping on her men and ditching Shane, they really blew out of proportion Lori’s anger over the fact that Shane left Rick still alive in the hospital. So much to mull over!


      2. Yeah. Season 1 was kind of crazy and overly dramatic because they had to deal with left over pre zombie stuff. Will definitely watch out for the clothes evolution the next time I see season 1. I think they did the same with Breaking Bad.

        Also watch how Daryl slowly becomes Ricks go to guy. So cuute!! I mean bad ass

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’m keeping my eye peeled specifically for that moment! Love the blossom of the Rick/Darryl team.

        By the way: favorite music lately- I like Tove Lo “Habits” and “Karma” by Lady. That might be older than this year tho.


      4. Haha! No this is actually my playlist for when I’m writing on my home computer. My shop I have CRAZY amounts of music. I lose the songs I want to listen to in the millions of other songs. Boohooo hooo my life is so hard.

        Now eat all your breakfast! There are kids in India starving!


      5. BTW my honey caught me playing all your music videos that I don’t know and he said “What are you doing? Why are you having your own little party over here?”

        You can call him “dad”


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