Happy National Day Bahrain!

Tomorrow is Bahrain’s National Day. Other than the fact that I don’t have to come to work tomorrow, nothing else excites me about this holiday. But Bahrain is my second home, so in honor of Bahrain’s National Day, let me hit you with some Bahrain facts that you may or may not know. Or you may or may not enjoy. Who cares?! I don’t have to come to work tomorrow!


– Bahrain is a neighbor to countries such as Saudi Arabia, U.A.E and Qatar.


Tree of Life

– It’s thought by some to be the Garden of Eden due to Eden’s supposed resemblance to the ancient land of Dilmun which many scholars accept to be the area encompassing Bahrain.

– Bahrain is a Kingdom.


Hawar Resorts

– It can get as hot here as 40°C in the summer season and as cold as 13°C in winter.


– Date trees grow here all year round.

– As far as I know, there are no taxes here.

– Islam is the main religion but  Bahrainis are known for their tolerance towards the practice of other faiths. So it’s all good.


– Rules regarding female attire are generally relaxed compared to regional neighbors. Women here are also allowed to drive. So it’s all good.

– You can travel the entire country in one day! Maybe I’m exaggerating but yeah, seems about right.

There’s probably more interesting facts about my hometown but I’ll just leave it to that. Happy National Day Bahrain and happy staying in bed all day to me!



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