The Walking Dead Tag!! Get Freaking Excited!!

Supdarling, who is not only one of my favorite WordPress bloggers (I wish she should post more though. #nopressurejustafan) but also one of my favorite human beings (#truth) just made a TWD tag!!!!! *does a Walker dance*

Margaret, over at verybangled, and Supdarling and I have bonded over The Walking Dead sooo much. And we’re all sad that the season is over. And since we’re shameless fan girls, Supdarling has fed our addiction with a TWD tag.

Original post is here and feel free to tag yourself, mix up the questions, add some questions, just spread the TWD love.

TWD tag! Let’s do this!

1. Walkers, Lurkers, Biters, Lame-brains, Geeks, or Rotters, which is it?
– I always use the term Walkers. Geeks is a Glenn Rhee exclusive. 🙂
2. You just woke up to a zombie apocalypse.  What is your weapon of choice?
A machete. Something that I can hack with but still lightweight. Or like a really good sharp knife. Then upgrade to a shotgun later on.
3. Now that you have your weapon, choose your partner.  Who will it be?
I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Rick! Rick! Rick! (did that in a Kaitlin voice). Look, I can make decisions for myself no problem, but I want to be able to sleep at night and if Rick’s around I’ll be sleeping like a baby. Just ask Judith! Rick is practical and we share the same philosophy, which is kill now ask question later, so we’re good.

4. Location is everything, where will your camp be?
So far, the only place I feel that they were safe in was the Prison. They had space, ventilation and individual rooms. So everyone who wants to get it on can get it on.
5. Who is dead that you wish were still alive?
Lori! Only because I want Rick’s family to be complete. But I guess Rick wouldn’t be as tough if it weren’t for Lori’s death. But still, Lori! And maybe Herschel. I miss that dude.
6. Who is alive that you wish were dead?
Father Gabriel. It’s a no brainer. Also Eugene, but I want him to die a brutal death.
7. Which character is the most evil of all time?
This is tough because Gareth is a hard ass human eater. But I’d have to say The Governor. He’s not afraid to kill for no reason at all. Remember how he fired a machine gun at everyone just because Rick and the group kicked their butts?

Also Shane. That dude was evil. And how satisfying was it that Carl shot him? Oh, did I just spoil that for you?? Get over it! That was season 2!
8. If you had a baby during an apocalypse, which character would you put in charge to care for your child?
Carol. 100%  But she might end up shooting your baby in the head if your baby turns out to be a #WalkerLover Also, I’d say Carl.
9. Hey leader, your call: the needs of your loved ones or the needs of many?
I think my group would be my “loved ones”. So always loved ones. I’m doing it Rick Grimes style baby.

Also, the way Rick kissed Beth’s head when he got his hands on her. Ugh! Brutal!!!
10. What’s the biggest lesson TWD taught you about surviving a zombie apocalypse?
Never trust anyone. Kill or be killed. Rick is the best.

I enjoyed this so freaking much! If you like TWD do this tag. Or make your own TWD tag and tag me in it. Create more TWD related tags! Let’s fill the void until February together!

Now let me get back to my binge watching.


One comment

  1. Thank you, thank you. It’s a great honor to be one of your favorite humans…I’m not going to cry, dang it, Dora!

    Geeks IS Glenn exclusive …BUT what about T-Dog? By the way, if I could change my answer, I think T-Dog is someone who is dead that I want to come back. He stood up to Meryl and he sacrificed his own life to save Carol. I like him.

    I also really considered Carol to be my babysitter, but then I thought about her resume…her last gig didn’t go so well. Not her fault, but just sayin.

    Loved your answers. I want some more of your answers. Yes, I understand that there are no more questions, but still.

    Liked by 1 person

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