Right Now

Right Now, I’m having one of the worst stomach cramps known to man. I woke up at 3 am trying to figure out what my stomach wants to tell me. Am I getting my period? Is this food poisoning? Is this an effect of switching to drinking green tea on a regular? My stomach is not telling me anything other than, “ouch! ouch! ouch!” and “pain! pain! pain!”

Right Now, I’m feeling extra cold and clammy because this place has no heating! Which just makes my upset stomach the more happy! My office is right next to the operating theater which they have to keep cold, so I’m feeling some of it.

Right Now, I’m catching up on social media. Checking on my Facebook and Twitter that I really don’t update as much. But if you want to add me you can use my email to do that, dora.argh@gmail.com. I’d make a link but the stomach won’t let me.

Right Now, I’m creating this post to distract me.

Right Now, I just want to change into my comfy pajamas, bury myself in blankets and be in the safety of my own bathroom in case I need a moment to explode.

Hope your stomach’s doing okay WordPress.


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