Distract Me

What are questions you wish you can ask a random stranger? Or a female in her late twenties? Or just me in general?

If you do have questions, leave them in the comments. Let’s make some sweet conversation WordPress. Get my mind out of this stomach cramp.



      1. I don’t know Margaret. I’m pretty excitable. I think I’ll cry the first time and then be the over it instantly. Haha. I like cold weather. I like layering clothes.

        But I’ll take San Fran anytime!

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      2. I’ll trade you all the snow here for your swaying palm trees. Although there isn’t snow here just yet, just icy cold rain that the strong wind slaps in your face. Just give me your palm trees, lady!


      3. You are welcome to take all the trees here. Although they are not palm but date trees which is almost the same. I’m trying to take more pictures of Bahrain since you like it so much on Instagram.

        I have not been slapped by rain in a long time. Suddenly missed Philippines.

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    1. Are you being an annoyingly cute parent right now? But I’ll answer all your questions.
      Nope, not pregnant. Not unless immaculate conception is an actual thing. This outfit is called my uniform. Who is Steven Yeun? He is my future husband. The kids these days are twerking and BAE. Dont look at me, I dont know.

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      1. Those are good answers. Now get home before 11 pm or you are grounded. No more books for you!

        Okay for real questions based on things I’ve gathered from your writings:
        You don’t drink? Whycome?
        Why no band any longer? Do you make any music currently?
        Favorite author?


      2. No more books?? Worse punishment!

        I do drink. I don’t drink now because alcohol is hard to get here. Only specialty stores are allowed to sell alcohol. But I don’t drink to get drunk. I mostly drink beer with my meal and thats it.

        No more band because everyone pretty much moved on after college. We had no intention of becoming big and just wanted to do shows in school. I had another band that I gig with outside of school but everyone kind of moved on from doing band.

        I wanted to make covers of some songs I like but I’m not good in playing any instruments. But I still sing in my shower. Haha.

        Favorite author? Thats a tough one. I’d have to say J.K. Rowling. Obviously for the Harry Potter books but outside of that, I think her writing is great. I am also a sucker for Rainbow Rowell. Her books are the type of books I want to write. But if we are talking about writing overall, it’s Tina Fey.

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      3. You and me both with the Tina Fey love. Did you read the Amy Poller autobiography yet?

        (When I get started asking questions it’s hard to stop so just tell me STFU if it’s annoying)


      4. Amy’s book is not available here yet 😦 ive been dying to get my hands on a copy!!

        Keep the questions coming! Any autobiography that you liked that I should have a go?


      5. Shoot, I don’t read many autobiographies. Right now I’m reading Jane Eyre. But how about nonfiction survival stories? I love those. Like Shakelton and any number of other lost at sea stories. My other genre is thriller/mystery.


      6. Oooo that reminds me of the best bday party gift giving ever that I heard of… The birthday girl said no gifts but if you must, bring a copy of your favorite book. I found this so lovely bc you learn about your friends a little bit AND you score a shit ton of books.

        So mine…. Hmmm
        Cutting For Glass
        A Visit from the Goon Squad

        My trashy authors that I love- John McDonald, Lee Child, Gillian Flynn, and the Walking Dead series of course.

        I’ll look at my bookshelf later. I only keep books that I like, I resell everything else to the local second hand bookstore.


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